WoW Shadowlands: Castle Nathria COUNTDOWN

WoW Shadowlands has been an enormous hit since free up, and we are about to hit the primary large problem of the brand new enlargement – the discharge of its first raid, Citadel Nathria.

Let’s spoil down the whole lot you will have to learn about Citadel Nathria, together with when you’ll in spite of everything hop into the raid!

Citadel Nathria Liberate Date, Time

WoW Shadowlands is ready to transport rapid, liberating its first PVP season, first raid, first Mythic+ dungeons, and primary PVP Brawl at the similar day.

APPROACH WITH CAUTION: Citadel Nathria isn’t a pleasant position

Citadel Nathria, and the remainder of this large content material, will arrive in Shadowlands at 5pm EST on 8 December. This will likely most effective come with the Commonplace and Heroic difficulties.

That suggests gamers have just a bit bit extra time to grind out their non-upgraded Mythics to pick out up 184 Ilvl tools earlier than diving into Citadel Nathria.


Citadel Nathria could have 10 bosses – each and every with a spread of mechanics gamers should grasp to transparent the Shadowlands raid.

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Those boss mechanics will fluctuate in response to the raid issue.

The Shadowlands Citadel Nathria bosses come with:

  • Shriekwing
  • Huntsman Altimor
  • Hungering Destroyer
  • Artificer Xy’Mox
  • Solar King’s Salvation
  • Woman Inerva Darkvein
  • The Council of Blood
  • Sludgefist
  • Stone Legion Generals

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WoW Shadowlands: Citadel Nathria COUNTDOWN – Liberate Date, Time, Raid, Commonplace, Heroic, Bosses & extra

Those 10 bosses shall be divided into wings, together with the Catacombs Wing, Royal Quarters Wing, and Higher Spire.


Citadel Nathria has some wonderful loot that gamers will chase to develop their characters.

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For the Commonplace and Heroic difficulties, which would be the most effective raid difficulties liberating on 8 December, tools levels in Ilvl.

For Commonplace Citadel Nathria, loot shall be 200 Ilvl, with 207 Ilvl tools shedding from the overall two bosses.

For Heroic Citadel Nathria, loot shall be 213 Ilvl, with 220 Ilvl tools shedding from the overall two bosses.

Different Content material

Citadel Nathria is also the famous person of the display for the impending week of WoW Shadowlands, however it is not the one new addition.

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The brand new weekly reset will upload Mythic+ dungeons to the sport, which can praise large loot and problem gamers to push their issue settings to loot keys for more potent dungeons.

It’s going to additionally upload the brand new PVP season, this means that Conquest Issues will release, Area Score shall be added, and Rated Battlegrounds will arrive as smartly. For the non-competitive PVP aspect, gamers may even obtain their first PVP Brawl, an informal BG queue with distinctive laws this is time restricted.

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