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Cyberpunk 2077 is in spite of everything in a position to play, and there are few particular pieces for individuals who’ve preordered – or for those who’ve related your GOG Account to the platform you’re taking part in on – together with a Wolf College Jacket styled after The Witcher 3.

GOG, Cyberpunk 2077, and The Witcher 3 all come beneath the umbrella of the similar Polish developer and publishing corporate: CD Projekt Pink.

Whilst you stir up the sport in your first foray into the sector of Night time Town, you may be expecting your glossy preorder pieces and Wolf College jacket to be looking forward to you for your stock; however this isn’t the case.

To get admission to your preorder pieces and the Wolf College Jacket for linking your GOG account, you want to search out the stash in V’s rental.

Cyberpunk 2077 | The place to search out your preorder pieces and Wolf College Jacket

Whilst you get started Cyberpunk 2077, you want to select your Lifepath, and assign your beginning Attributes.

Then, after your Lifepath undertaking, you’ll embark at the prologue.

As soon as that’s completed, you’ll be let unfastened into Night time Town right kind.

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Whilst you go away the prologue undertaking, V will probably be dropped off at their rental within the beginning district of Watson.

There you’ll have the ability to play about with the more than a few facilities, together with a reflect to take a look at your persona, a pc to browse cyberspace, and a television to observe.

At the a ways wall of the rental even though, is a dresser house. Inside of, is a stash.

That is the place we discovered our Wolf College Jacket and different pre-order pieces.

Alternatively, don’t confuse this with the garments rail that’s simply outdoor and to the correct of the dresser stash.

Right here you’ll in finding a couple of further outfit pieces to strengthen your assortment, however the true prize if at the back of the door.

You’ll additionally get admission to the stash by way of opening the trunk of your car, must you fancy a metamorphosis of garments when you’re out and about.

The Wolf College Jacket is an extraordinary tier article of clothes, which will also be upgraded to enhance its armour score.

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