Turns Out Sully’s Plane From Uncharted Can Be Found In A Last Of Us Multiplayer Map

Screenshot: Sony / Naughty Canine

Rodney Reece, a former Naughty Canine developer, printed on Twitter not too long ago that Sully’s airplane from Uncharted can also be present in The Remaining of Us. And in accordance with how other people are reacting to it, this appears to be one thing no one spotted sooner than. More than likely as a result of they had been too busy surviving.

The airplane can also be discovered within the stage “Seaside” despite the fact that the airplane has unquestionably noticed higher days. In keeping with Reece, who now works at Respawn and works on Apex Legends, the airplane asset used to be without delay pulled from the primary Uncharted. He then “broke it into items” and glued it within the multiplayer stage. And there it has sat, with no one reputedly noticing it since.

Earlier than you get started pulling out your corkboard coated in purple string, footage of Ellie and Nate and on the brink of upload this for your “Uncharted and Remaining of Us Are Attached” principle, Reece issues out that this isn’t canon. Only a a laugh Easter egg and nod to the studio’s previous.

Once in a while Easter eggs and references are simply a laugh secrets and techniques and now not a part of some elaborate plan to glue more than one video games, books, or TV presentations in combination. As an example, Sully’s airplane is known as “Hog Wild” in Uncharted. This can be a nod to a degree from Crash Bandicoot. This doesn’t imply Crash and Nate are preventing off Clickers in combination someday. Even though excited about now, I’d play that sport.

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