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Right here at IGN, we have already got a video information on learn how to take out each and every of the enemy sorts you can stumble upon throughout Immortals Fenyx Emerging, so you’ll want to take a look at that out beneath.

Except for that, there are a couple of common pointers which is able to assist you to throughout the entire sport, now not simply on particular enemies.


It sounds easy, however dodging is the important thing to a large number of battles Feynx faces. Greater than that, you’ll be able to unencumber a capability which makes your subsequent assault after a dodge even more potent, which is able to actually flip the tide.

Dealing With Protect Enemies

As you pass on, you can meet enemies who offer protection to themselves with shields. One of the simplest ways to assault those is from above or beneath with Godly Powers. Any other trick even though is to make use of Apollo’s Arrow, and take a look at to try for his or her foot underneath their shields. It nonetheless does a large number of harm, and is a sneaky technique to get a success in.

Apollo’s Arrows


Talking of, the usage of Apollo’s Arrows slows down time, so you’ll be able to intention extra exactly with out being concerned about being taken out. Use it to get the primary hit on an enemy round a nook, or get a precision headshot when wanted.

Construct Up Your Stamina

Numerous your good fortune within the sport comes again to Stamina, and for struggle, it is used for Godly Powers, so you will want to stay clearing Vaults so it is crowned up.

Make stronger Your Guns

On the Corridor Of Gods, you’ll be able to strengthen your guns in order that they do extra harm. As the sport is going on, it is crucial that you just stay bettering your awl and sword. You improve the weapon sort (awl) relatively than any particular one, so do not be concerned about converting guns as you to find cooler ones.

You’ll be able to be spending a large number of time exploring the map in Immortals Fenyx Emerging, and with the exception of simply surviving it (that is extra a role for Struggle Pointers), here is how you’ll be able to get essentially the most out of exploration.

A ways Sight

From each and every of the 4 statues of the map, you can want to scout to proceed the storyline. Whilst up right here even though, you’ll want to use A ways Sight to inspect the arena beneath. Doing this may increasingly can help you transfer the digicam round and to find the entire chests, Ambrosia, and each different secret of the area.

Do not float

Now and again, you could want to float throughout to ledges or platforms, however there may be all the time the large temptation to make use of gliding from a top, speedy commute level to get round sooner. On the other hand, doing this may increasingly skip a large number of the most important content material. You are at an advantage happening foot, as this may increasingly assist you to to find secrets and techniques you did not to find when scouting, discover a mount, or simply stumble upon enemies which drop necessary shards.

Get a mount

Talking of mounts: get one. If you’ll take the recommendation to steer clear of gliding and speedy touring, having a mount method you’ll be able to commute sooner whilst nonetheless now not lacking out on flooring content material. There’s a red unicorn within the south of Valley of the Everlasting Spring, which may also be discovered early and has 3 stamina bars. On the other hand, it’s laborious to seek out, so be in a position to go looking.

Float onto a mount

In case you are gliding, keeping the mount button while you are low sufficient will purpose Fenyx to drop out of the sky onto the mount. No actual bonus right here, simply appears cool. Revel in!

Fast swim

Fenyx must pass within the water at positive sections, both to unravel puzzles or to discover. After you have sprint swimming unlocked, know that that is even sooner if Fenyx is underwater.

Hit vaults early

Vaults come up with Lightning, which provides you with Stamina. You’ll be able to burn up Stamina in struggle, for puzzles, and whilst traversing the open international, so it is a very helpful useful resource. It is arguably extra helpful even than HP, as a result of a minimum of you’ll be able to regulate the tricky or trade techniques if you happen to stay dropping well being. With Stamina, you have got what you have got, with out a technique to trade with the exception of the laborious method.

Take photos of mystery answers

Little little bit of a pleasing cheat right here. Whilst our walkthrough and vault information is right here to assist, there are a couple of puzzles which depend on you remembering some visible cues. If you’re taking an image of the answer, relying on what console you are the usage of, you’ll be able to briefly name the picture as much as double take a look at it. PS5 is highest for this, however it could actually additionally paintings on Xbox. At the Transfer, you must go away the sport to test it, however it could actually nonetheless be useful.


Explicit Chest sorts include particular pieces within, along the standard Adamantium Shards:

  • Simple Chests have 3 Golden Amber (used for Potion upgrades)
  • Epic Chests include armor and helms
  • Guarded Chests include guns
  • Night time Chests include Nighttime Fragments

Take a look at the Chest Places web page for recommendation on which chests include the most productive tools.

In addition to most often exploring the open international, Fenyx has a large number of mountain climbing, gliding, and platforming to do. Right here, we will check out how to ensure Feynx can traverse briefly and safely.

Use the shadow

A vintage platforming trick this one. Every time Fenyx jumps, there is a shadow underneath them. Use this to you’ll want to by no means leave out a platform.

Triple soar

Whilst Fenyx can unencumber a double soar talent, if you happen to mix this with Ares’s Wrath, which shoots you up within the air, it could actually grow to be a triple soar. This to hand tip will make certain even the ones toughest to succeed in platforms may also be ascended. You must do that within the heart (so soar, Wrath, double soar), as Fenyx’s actions are much less restricited with jumps.

Dangle to leap

Whether or not you are keeping X or A, the longer you dangle the soar button, the upper you soar. For some the most important jumps, this additional spice up makes the entire distinction. Remember to dangle for double jumps too.

Phosphor’s Clone

We point out this as crucial talent within the Corridor Of Gods information, however it is value repeating right here. If you are ever caught in any vaults (be mindful our Vaults of Tartaros Answers are there too), use Phosphor’s Clone to have some additional weight on force pads.

Stay it at the display

The telekenesis snatch best works when an merchandise is at the display. If it is in succeed in however off display, Fenyx would possibly not snatch it till you progress the digicam round, so undergo that during thoughts.

Keep on with the gimmicks

Except for the sport’s ultimate vault, which mixes other concepts, each vault has a unmarried gimmick. Which may be rolling a ball, capturing objectives, stacking packing containers… no matter. The necessary factor is that it is the identical. So when the primary puzzle displays you the way it works, simply keep in mind that the extra advanced puzzles in that vault will use the similar mechanics.

The Corridor Of Gods is your central hub, unlocked after the Prologue in Clashing Rocks. So far as the primary tale is going, you can want to go back right here intermittently to assist out the God which arrive, however there may be much more to it than that.

Aphrodite’s Good looks Chair

This permits you to trade Fenyx’s look any time you would like. There are not any limits on how ceaselessly you convert, and it does not price the rest.

River Styx Cistern

That is the place you’ll be able to spend your Cash of Charon, on Godly Powers or common Talents. There may be none that are a waste of cash, however there are for sure some extra necessary than others. We advise purchasing the talents beneath first.


  • Double Bounce
  • Float Spice up
  • Awl/Sword Dash Assault – whichever weapon you prefer
  • Swim Sprint

Godly Powers

  • Ares’s Wrath: Multi Hits
  • Phosphor’s Assault: Phosphor’s Clone
  • Hephaistos’s Hammer: Ahead Shockwave

Bench Of Zeus

That is the place you’ll be able to spend your Lightning to improve your Stamina. You get extra Lightning the extra Vaults you whole, so take a look at our Vaults Of Tartaros Answers.

Kylix Of Athena

That is the place you spend Ambrosia to improve your Well being. Take a look at our Ambrosia Places to max out Fenyx’s HP.

Forge Of Hephaistos

That is the place you’ll be able to improve your apparatus. Arrows and Potions price Blue and Yellow shards, Armor and Helmets price Blue and Crimson shards, whilst Bows, Swords, and Axes price Blue and Purple shards.

Cauldron Of Circe

Right here, you’ll be able to convert uncooked fabrics into potions, or use Golden Amber to improve the efficiency of potions. Golden Amber is located in chests.

Hermes’s Heroic Process Board

That is the place you’ll be able to to find – and declare the rewards for – Hermes’s Heroic duties, there are 36 in general, with 10 Struggle, 8 Vault, 10 Exploration, and eight Fable Problem duties. There is a complete breakdown within the Hermes’s Heroic Process Board information.

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