The Prophecy dungeon and Iron Banner are back in Destiny 2: Beyond Light

It’s some other weekly reset in Future 2: Past Gentle, and we’re taking a look at new actions for Guardians to finish now that the Prophecy dungeon and the Iron Banner are again. Right here’s our information that can assist you out.

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Future 2: Past Gentle – The go back of the Iron Banner and the Prophecy dungeon

Should you’re enthusiastic about grabbing extra pinnacle rewards to level-up your characters in Future 2: Past Gentle, then the Prophecy dungeon and the Iron Banner have you ever lined. The Prophecy dungeon used to be some of the lauded portions of Future 2: Season of Arrivals. It had some nifty and difficult encounters, in addition to a extraordinary design that made it memorable (like that “rainbow highway” phase).

The encounters themselves emphasised the “gentle and darkish” mechanics, ones that you just needed to juggle and use in quite a lot of fights. Anyway, you’ll be able to get started the dungeon through opening the Tower’s map at the locations panel.

Word: Should you’re enthusiastic about studying extra about those mechanics and encounters, head to our entire Prophecy dungeon information.

As for the Iron Banner, that is the primary time that the development pops up in Future 2: Past Gentle. As standard, there’s a questline that you’ll be able to entire to procure armor items. The disadvantage is that that is simply the Iron Fellowship set from Future 2‘s first yr. If truth be told, we received’t see anything else new in this entrance whether or not it’s armor or guns. That’s ended in numerous disillusioned avid gamers.

Anyway, the Iron Banner has 4 weekly bounties that you’ll be able to entire, and each and every one nets you a pinnacle drop:

  • Oath of the Pack – Defeat 100 Guardians whilst assisted through some other teammate.
  • Maneuver Battle – Defeat 75 Guardians whilst your staff holds bonus benefit. Earn bonus growth all the way through the Hunt (all 3 zones capped).
  • An Arsenal of Tips – Defeat 100 Guardians the use of skills. Earn bonus growth from tremendous kills or kills as opposed to Guardians with the next energy point.
  • The Rout – Defeat 200 Guardians. Earn bonus growth by way of kills as opposed to Guardians with the next energy point.

Iron Banner quest steps

The Iron Banner quest steps defined under are courtesy of Be reminded that you just don’t wish to entire a majority of these targets inside the week. You’ll nonetheless do those a lot later when the Iron Banner’s again in Future 2: Past Gentle because the growth will probably be retained.

Step 1: Formed through Iron

  • Seize 10x zones.
  • Defeat 30x Guardians.
  • Get 5x Void talent kills.

Step 2: No Video games, No Sympathy

  • Seize 20x zones.
  • Get 25x power weapon kills.
  • Entire 6x Iron Banner fits.

Step 3: Paying Respects

  • Seize 30x zones.
  • Defeat 100x Guardians.
  • Get 20x scout rifle kills.

Step 4: A Tower Rebuilt

  • Seize 40x zones.
  • Get 15x tremendous kills.
  • Get 15x hand cannon kills. Don’t omit to take a look at out the Hawkmoon if you have already got it.

Step 5: Elevating the Banner

  • Seize 50x zones.
  • Get 10x headshot kills.
  • Entire 15x Iron Banner fits.

Additionally, on a last notice, pass forward and take a look at Future 2‘s better half app by way of the iOS and Android shops. You must have the ability to pick out up bounties now the use of the app. That saves you just a little of time because you received’t wish to head again to the Tower after some fits simply to snatch bounties.

Future 2: Past Gentle is to be had by way of Steam. For more info, take a look at our guides and lines hub.

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