The Hong Kong Massacre gameplay trailer preview released

Need a tease of what The Hong Kong Bloodbath is all about? A brand new preview trailer has been launched, which you’ll be able to see above. That is only a snippet for the total trailer, which can liberate the next day to come. Till then, you’ll be able to learn a recap for the sport under.

The Hong Kong Bloodbath is a stylistic, top-down shooter that performs out like vintage motion film gun fights. Set within the seedy underground of 1990’s Hong Kong, gamers move on a vigilante, bullet-fuelled revenge project towards the legal Triads. Each and every run becomes an imposing drift of choreographed violence via slow-motion time manipulation, bullet-dodging knee slides or frame rolls, and snappy 360-degree taking pictures. Crash via home windows, vault over stumbling blocks and turn between a couple of guns as you zone in on the very best method to transparent each and every stage, getting ever nearer to the Triad bosses that wronged you.

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