Test Your Destiny Knowledge With This Trivia Quiz

Which merchandise used to be NOT a part of Xur’s first ever stock in Future 1?

Which of the next is NOT one of the crucial former names of the 3 primary Hive gods?

When detected, how lengthy do it’s important to kill a Gorgon within the authentic Vault of Glass?

Which is the right kind code to go into Leviathan’s Underbelly?

Along with Lord Saladin, who’s the opposite last (alive) Iron Lord?

Which of the under moves used to be NOT a PlayStation unique?

In what season did Bungie close down Trials of the 9?

Which ex-Queens Wrath of Mara Sov has a location named after them at the Tangled Shore?

Which of Valus Ta’aurc’s lieutenants used to be running the land tank within the Cerberus Vae III strike?

What’s the identify of Failsafe’s send in Future 2?

Which infamous enemy used to be the only to kill the Hunter Leading edge ahead of Cayde-6, Andal Brask?

End this sentence: “One million deaths isn’t sufficient for…”

Which unique has the perk: Impetus – Reloading instantly after a kill will increase weapon harm for a little while?

The place in Future 2’s Tower do you typically to find Lakshmi-2?

Whose favourite Dawning cookies are Traveler Donut Holes?


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