Team Fortress 2’s Smissmas 2020 event arrives with more community content

The festive season has in point of fact kicked off in Workforce Castle 2 because the Smissmas tournament is are living for 2020. Valve posted an replace to the Steam sport’s web site detailing all of the chocolates which can be to be had to gamers who participate.

You’re getting 4 new network maps known as Pier, Snow fall, SnowVille, and Wutville along a Filled Stocking that accommodates “chocolates for excellent little Mercenaries”. There’s additionally a package deal of cosmetics that incorporates 20 new community-contributed pieces, and the Festivizer may also be discovered as an advantage drop when opening the case. It’s no longer all within the spirit of friendliness, despite the fact that, as there are lots of recent community-contributed name callings. You’ll be able to in finding 8 of them within the Mann Co. Retailer along 19 new odd results that experience additionally been made by way of TF2 gamers.

The sport’s Smissmass tournament runs till January 7, 2021, so there’s quite a few time to leap in and notice what’s new. The new replace additionally comes with a host of basic fixes. An exploit permitting gamers to make use of “retry” within the console to reset the MvM timer has been fastened, and numerous pieces had been up to date, too.

You’ll be able to catch the overall patch notes at the sport’s web site should you fancy seeing what’s new.

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