Starbound (Win 10) achievement list revealed

There are 51 achievements price a complete of one,000 Gamerscore, none of that are secret.

Identify Description GamerscoreAmateur Bard Accumulate your first musical tool! Stay taking part in, even if everybody begs you to forestall. 20Perfectly Generic Success Download the legendary completely generic merchandise. 20You’re aMAZEing! Entire Mazebound. You best want to beat it 300,000 occasions to win a slide whistle. 20Bug Tracker Seize your first malicious program with a malicious program web. Esther could be proud. 20Just like mum used to make! Follow your chef talents. Take a look at to not hurt someone. 10Home Candy House Draw in your first colonist. Make sure to deal with them proper. 20First Mate Recruit your first team member. Captain! 20Alien Archaeologist Repair a whole fossil. Make wild assumptions about what it was once. 20Monster Whisperer Seize a monster. How does it have compatibility in that tiny ball? 20Traveling in Taste Download a groovy automobile. Pop some candy wheelies. 20Book Membership Discover a Codex. On Earth it is impolite to learn people’s diaries. 10Augmented Fact Increase your EPP. Now it is an AEPP. 20Adventurer Eventuality Entire a quest! Comic story’s on you, there is no XP on this sport. 20The Resilient Go back Lana Blake to the outpost. 20The Religious Go back Tonauac to the outpost. 20The Smart Go back Koichi to the outpost. 20The Courageous Go back Nuru to the outpost. 20The Dependable Go back the Baron to the outpost. 20The Protector Defeat the Spoil. 20The Hopeful Repair your send. 20Congratulations on Your Commencement! Live on the Protectorate. It might were worse. 20The Wanderer Meet Esther. 20King Barbarian Transform champion of the world. Weigh down your foes like an orange sorbet. 20A Motley Group Recruit one team member from each and every race. It is like a teeny tiny protectorate. 20Cosmic Curator Entire the Cosmic Museum’s cosmic assortment. 20Too Heavy to Kick Break a robotic rooster. Do not attempt to devour it. 20Not in Entrance of the Youngsters! Defeat Mom Poptop. Each Poptop you meet from right here on out is a lonely orphan. 20Ending Prohibition Defeat the dastardly Dreadwing. Deliver pleasure to penguins all over. 20Shock and Awe Defeat the Shockhopper MK I. Understand it hardly hops. 20A Serving to Hand Entire 10 quests in your colonists. Really feel like an asset to the group! 20A Cheeky Chore Entire 25 quests in your colonists. Those guys certain do ask a large number of you do not they… 20A Tireless Job Entire 50 quests in your colonists. When did this turn into your complete time task? 20Villain Incapacitate an blameless bystander. You monster. 20Not a Llama Download a whole alpaca dress. Use it just for excellent! 20From the Ashes Construct a big colony. Smartly achieved Protector! 20Cramped Colony Construct 5 houses in an excessively small house. This is not a wholesome means for someone to reside. 20Sweet Revenge Kill 100 small flying monsters. That they had it coming. 20Nox’s Apprentice Kill any other participant. Harmony is overestimated anyway. 20Destroyer of Worlds Transfer a planet’s price of blocks. If you were not the usage of a Topic Manipulator you would be ripped. 20Protected Protector Download a whole set of armour. Now use dye to make your armour fabulous. 20Feathered Pal Recruit a penguin mercenary from the Beakeasy. 20Bug Unfastened Catch 42 distinctive insects. Give all of them humorous names. 20Culinary Century Get ready a minimum of 100 distinctive dishes. Bonus issues if they are suitable for eating. 20Them Bones Unearth 55 distinctive fossils. Take a look at no longer to be aware of those which can be alarmingly humanoid. 20Mint Situation Accumulate a minimum of 50 distinctive motion figures. Insist on your buddies they are in reality referred to as statuettes 20Armour Aficionado Accumulate 210 distinctive items of armour. See what number of you’ll put on on the similar time. (Spoiler, it is 3). 20Well Learn To find 100 distinctive codex pieces. Find out about all of them, get ready for a pop quiz. 20Starbound Valley Harvest 30 distinctive plants. Get started desirous about who you’ll love to romance and that barn extension. 20The Easy Existence Harvest a crop. See what occurs while you devour it. 20Captain of the 12 months Recruit a minimum of 12 team individuals. Imagine beginning a 401-k plan. 20All Walks of Existence Draw in 10 distinctive tenants. Surprise at their collective peculiarity. 20

You’ve fled your own home, best to search out your self misplaced in house with a broken send. Your best choice is to beam right down to the planet under, restore your send and activate to discover the universe…

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