Star Wars: Rogue Squadron movie will take “great influence” from the games

Disney and Lucasfilm introduced this week that Patty Jenkins shall be directing Superstar Wars: Rogue Squadron, for liberate in 2023. The movie received’t be a directly adaptation of the vintage house video games, however the Marvel Girl director says they’re nonetheless a part of the material of the tale.

Chatting with IGN, Jenkins showed the film shall be in line with a brand new script, drawing from the established legacy of storytelling across the Rogue Squadron. “We’re doing one thing authentic with nice affect from the video games and the books,” She stated. “There’s numerous issues being said and understood in regards to the greatness of all of the ones issues, however sure, it’s an authentic tale and I’m so psyched to do it.”

4 video games have been launched within the Rogue Squadron sequence, beginning with the primary in 1998. Evolved by way of LucasArts and Issue 5, they in large part adopted Luke Skywalker and his agree with wingman Wedge Antilles as they battled towards the Empire in vicious aerial dogfights. They laid the groundwork for this yr’s Superstar Wars: Squadrons, giving enthusiasts a possibility to pilot their favorite starfighters, and participate in iconic Superstar Wars battles, like Hoth and destroying the Loss of life Superstar.

The novels are the X-wing sequence, a run of 9 books written by way of Michael A. Stackpole and Aaron Allstone, from round the similar time, dealing in additional misadventures in starfighting. They’re liked inside the outdated Superstar Wars Expanded Universe, and far of the thrill across the prospect of a Rogue Squadron flick is seeing a few of that motion delivered to lifestyles.

Patty Jenkins’ Marvel Girl 1984 will hit cinemas in the United Kingdom December 16, and US December 25. Superstar Wars: Rogue Squadron will blast onto monitors 2023. Right here’s the most efficient Superstar Wars video games to stay you robust within the tactics of the pressure another way.

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