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SMRS is a disposable rocket launcher that fires with out the wish to lock onto objectives. The weapon can one-shot enemies with its 95 injury, a variety of 80 and an accuracy of 70. The weapon additionally has a firing price of 10 and a mobility of 40. SMRS is a secondary weapon that may be provided as a substitute of pistols or different melee guns like knives, axes and baseball bats.  

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When evaluating it to the opposite rocket launcher with two pictures and a lock-on, the SMRS has its benefits and drawbacks. 

  • The weapon provides just one shot. This will likely best reset after your subsequent spawn. So gamers will have to be sure you use it on the proper second.
  • The projectile explodes on touch with enemies so apply it to a cluster of enemies to take down as much as 3 in shut vary.
  • SMRS is actually excellent towards Scorestreak like UAV, Counter-UAV and extra with just one shot excluding for VTOL which takes 3 pictures to take down.

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  • The SMRS is moderately deadly however it calls for the participant to have excellent intention as there’s a probability of lacking at a tough perspective.
  • Avid gamers normally take the SMRS in modes like Seek & Damage to drive other folks out of canopy and take out campers.
  • The usage of perks like Demolition Knowledgeable makes the SMRS much more fatal via including an additional 25% injury.
  • Flak Jacket may be a excellent perk to run to keep away from killing your self when firing at enemies in shut vary. If the enemy is dressed in a Flak Jacket, they’re going to wish to be inside one meter to down them in a single shot.

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