Should you shoot Royce or pay for the Flathead in Cyberpunk 2077?

Shoot or pay Royce in Cyberpunk 2077? There is a heated second in The Pickup venture that forces you to make a tough choice early within the recreation. Whilst it is obviously a question of lifestyles or dying for one personality, there are in reality more than one lives at stake right here. So as to add much more force to the location, there is a timer ticking away as you contemplate your choices, however do not sweat it if you’ll be able to’t come to a decision immediately. 

Naturally there are primary spoilers forward as this is a part of the primary quest, so in case you’d reasonably keep away from them, flip again now. If you are nonetheless with me, get ready your self for an intricate knot of alternatives as you try to retrieve the Flathead robotic. I am right here to assist making a decision whether or not you will have to shoot or pay Royce in Cyberpunk 2077, and to let you know how each and every selection pans out, together with an not obligatory department of this quest.

Cyberpunk 2077 Royce: Shoot or pay for the Flathead?

Quest: The Pickup

All of it begins with a fixer referred to as Dexter Deshawn. After he fills you in on a big process referring to a treasured biochip, he informs you that there is some friction with a bunch referred to as the Maelstrom that wishes clearing up. Dexter has parted with a large number of eddies for a stolen prototype fight robotic, referred to as the Flathead. Sadly, the crowd chief he paid (Brick) was once killed a couple of days after the transaction and a brand new gang chief, Simon ‘Royce’ Randall has since stepped up.

Dexter additionally mentions that Meredith Stout from Militech may be within the Flathead, and he stocks her touch main points with you. Chatting with Meredith and hanging a deal sooner than fending off to fulfill the Maelstrom gang provides an additional option to the way you maintain Royce later down the road, so let’s’ pass over that first. 

Meet with Meredith Stout (not obligatory) 

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Get the Militech credchip

End ‘The Journey’ quest through speaking to Jackie to begin ‘The Pickup’. You can realize you’ve gotten the way to name Meredith Stout. Use your telephone (T) and get in touch with her. Be offering to fulfill up and minimize a deal. She’ll agree and let you know the place to fulfill her. Open your quest log and choose the ‘Meet with the Militech Agent’ goal beneath The Pickup quest to trace it. Now make your option to the assembly spot.

After in short assembly Meredith Stout and taking a handy guide a rough lie detector take a look at, comply with take the credchip from Meredith. Additionally it is right here that you’ll be able to meet Anthony Gilchrist, who Stout has captured as she’s involved is also a mole. She leaves within the automotive with him, however this is probably not the final time you notice him, relying in your long run alternatives. 

Hack the credchip and wipe the virus

You’ll be able to then hack the credchip as soon as Meredith has left, however that is every other choice that’ll alternate what occurs whilst you meet Royce (indexed underneath). Effectively breaching the chip wipes a pandemic that Militech has left on it to trace the Maelstromers. To wipe it, open your Magazine and choose the Shards tab, then scroll proper all the way down to the ground and make a choice the Militech Datashard. Press F to crack the safety at the chip. Input the collection to neutralize the malware. Now it is time to meet Jackie on the All Meals gate.

Meet the Maelstromers

Head inside of and take a seat at the settee to talk to Dum Dum. When speaking to Dum Dum it does not make a lot of a distinction whether or not you employ the inhaler he gives you or now not. He’s going to simply react relatively another way. After bringing up that you have already paid Brick, Royce seems. You might have a couple of discussion choices to make a choice, and all of those lead you to the similar giant choice. 

Listed here are the primary set of alternatives:

  • [Show Militech shard] Eddie’s proper right here.
  • Ready to provide us a bargain…?
  • 10,000 Eurodollars – Were given the scratch in a position.

Without reference to your choice you’ll be able to nonetheless be induced to:  

  • [Draw Weapon]
  • [Take down Royce] – Calls for 6 Frame issues

(Symbol credit score: CD Projekt Purple)Will have to you shoot or pay Royce in Cyberpunk 2077?  

It is time to make a large choice. Listed here are the selections you’ve gotten and the way they pan out:  

  • [Pay with Militech chip] Militech’s in your path/Cash’s in this. (OPTIONAL)
  • [Shoot Royce] I have had sufficient.
  • 10,000 Eurodollars [Pay with own money] As we agreed.

Pay with the Militech chip 

In case you hacked the credchip after Meredith Stout gave it to you, you’ll be able to be offering Royce the chip and tip him off that Militech’s onto him. He assessments the credchip and it presentations up blank. Royce tells you to take the bot and depart. He warns you that if it is a trick he will introduce you to their meat grinder. Militech turns up and the guards will act adverse against you if you are inside of All Meals. Practice Dum Dum and take the Militech guards and mechs out to flee the construction. 

While you get out of doors, Anthony Gilchrist shall be ready through a Militech truck. He explains that in case you’d labored with Stout, he’d be useless through now. So, he is saving your lifestyles in go back. Then again, it sounds as despite the fact that you will not be seeing Stout once more. Glichrist mentions that he nonetheless does not know who the mole is at Militech and he additionally desires to talk to Royce. While you talk to Dexter he is inspired with the way you treated the location.         

In case you did not hack the credchip, Royce takes it and realises there is malware on it. The Maelstromers promptly grow to be adverse and you will have to head against the go out. Sooner than exiting the construction you’ll be able to interact with Royce in a chairman combat. 

Be sure you take out the Maelstromers first so you’ll be able to concentration on Royce. Shoot the orange field at the again of Royce’s mech to deal harm. Then use grenades to sluggish him down and focus-fire on his head to whittle down his well being. After beating Royce, retrieve the Chaos Tech Pistol, his Spiked Maelstrom short-sleeve jacket, and a few Eurodollars. Head out of doors to talk to Meredith Stout. You’ll be able to confront her for tricking you. Meet up with Dexter and V tells him that the chip had a pandemic. It sounds as despite the fact that he nearly anticipated it.

(Symbol credit score: CD Projekt Purple)

In case you shoot Royce you in point of fact will kill him. You can then must take out the rest Maelstromers within the room. So take note to loot the our bodies afterwards for pieces. You’ll be able to additionally pick out up the Chaos Tech Pistol from Royce’s frame. Then it is a case of escaping from All Meals, whether or not you select to sneak out, or typhoon out all weapons blazing. 

You can meet Meredith Stout out of doors, who gives you extra paintings. From what we all know in regards to the different choices, think that Anthony Gilchrist has been killed for now. Dexter calls in a while afterwards and also you let him know that you’ve the Flathead. You additionally point out that you are conserving the cash from Stout for your self. Everybody turns out pleased with the result. Neatly, with the exception of the Maelstromers.

You’ll be able to pay with your individual cash, however that is the worst possibility. It is not going you’ll be able to have 10,000 Eurodollars on you at this level, except you will have been finishing a number of aspect quests, and the robotic has already been paid for, so there is not any sense in paying two times with your individual money. 

In case you let the timer run out Royce will shoot you and you’ll be able to flatline. This simply manner you’ll be able to wish to reload your save out of your final checkpoint.

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