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Umihara Kawase BaZooka! is an motion arcade recreation the place your primary function is to transparent the display of enemies. Rather then that, there isn’t a lot else to this quick recreation. Let’s see if it held my consideration lengthy sufficient.

Fortuitously, this recreation will also be performed in single-player mode or with as much as 4 folks in overall, both on-line or native co-op. You’re ready to play thru the principle mode by myself, however I performed it with my sister. I’m happy I did, because it used to be much more a laugh that approach than enjoying on your own.

There are 22 characters to make a choice from, each and every with their very own particular talents. As an example, my persona’s particular talent used to be to throw sheep on the enemies whilst my sister had heat-seeking bombs. Each and every persona has a fishing rod that can be utilized to grasp enemies and switch them into bazookas, grasp ledges, or snatch any exact bazookas that drop onto the enjoying box.

Umihara Kawase BaZooka! has 4 worlds in overall, each and every with ten ranges, with the 10th being a subpar boss struggle. Those ranges encompass waves of enemies you want to defeat and accumulate cash. The waves don’t finish till you gather sufficient cash to transport onto the following level. Some levels wanted as low as 3 cash to transport on, whilst others wanted seven. I’m no longer completely positive why some wanted extra. So far as I may inform, the cash didn’t even do the rest. It used to be only a method to transfer on, and that’s all. There have been no further pieces to shop for or the rest.

The enemies weren’t too tricky. All might be defeated by means of taking pictures a bazooka at them. However, you want to grasp them along with your fishing rod, which grew to become them right into a bazooka, after which shoot them at the remainder of the enemies. My persona additionally had a hoe I may thwack them at the head with, in addition to a crimson potion I may throw at them to decrease their HP. No longer handiest have been the enemies tricky, however the waves weren’t difficult both. Some waves would have as much as ten enemies, however the platforming levels have been a tight measurement that you want to simply navigate the scene.

The irritating section used to be whilst you do get hit, regardless that. Your persona bounces backward a couple of occasions sooner than if truth be told getting again up. This used to be lovely irritating when there have been many enemies round as a result of then you definately’d hop into some other dangerous man. Proper as your persona comes to a decision to face again up, the hitbox at the enemy you bounced into is going into play, and also you get hit once more.

You do have lives, regardless that. While you lose all of your lives (or each you and your mates if enjoying in combination), it’s recreation over. Alternatively, each and every level saves. If you happen to die on level 5 in international two, you’ll get started once more on level 5, international two. Additionally, should you lose all of your lives on a level and your good friend beats the extent, you’ll regain a existence for the following stage. When my sister and I were given the grasp of the gameplay, we by no means had any recreation overs and cruised during the recreation.


Umihara Kawase BaZooka! is a brief recreation, as discussed previous. While you beat all 40 levels, that’s it. There are not any bonus ranges to free up. There are 22 characters, which is superb, however there’s not anything to free up from the roster, both. You’ll’t even purchase the rest with the cash you gather. You’re no longer operating towards the rest, and there’s no tale. Even if this used to be a laugh to play with my sister, we didn’t get the sport’s level and weren’t motivated to maintain going. We saved going for the sake of this evaluate, however the replayability is susceptible, and I perhaps received’t be turning in this recreation once more.

There are 3 different modes to play in, regardless that. Those, sadly, are virtually the similar factor. The Rival mode is the principle mode, however as a substitute of cooperating with your mates, you’re towards each and every different. There’s already some degree gadget whilst you’re at the identical group, and it calculates your ranking according to the enemies you defeat, so this mode felt unnecessary.

There also are two struggle modes. One calls for you to “take stars from one some other.” I believed this could be a keep-away mini-game factor, however then I spotted the celebrities are our lives. So, we have been necessarily preventing each and every different with enemies at the board. The opposite struggle mode used to be the similar factor however with out enemies jumbled in.

I received’t be choosing this recreation up once more, however I can admit my sister and I shared many laughs whilst enjoying. It used to be most commonly out of misunderstanding concerning the recreation and us by chance killing our characters on account of the ridiculous knockback. Simply the foolish gameplay typically—once I discovered I may unlock a horde of sheep to assault the enemies, we have been taken by means of wonder.

Regardless of that, the controls have been easy and responsive. The enemies had selection, as did the 22 characters. The extent designs weren’t too dangerous, both. The tune will move all through your head—it’s full of life sufficient for a preventing recreation, however the similar track is going on a loop for all the recreation, except for for the boss battles. Those levels performed a lullaby-like track for some reason why.

Play this recreation with a few good-humored pals. You’ll get some laughs and feature a laugh with the sport, however just for a short while.

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