Review: Tamiku (Nintendo Switch)

Ratalaika Video games is a small however devoted indie developer that focuses on fascinating arcade-style video games. Tamiku is one in every of their newest video games of their repertoire and is on the very least…distinctive. 

Tamiku is an alien with a factor for popping balloons. His obsession ended in him destroying his house planet, so now he’s off to trip the celebrities to pop the entirety he can get his arms on. After a temporary cutscene depicting roughly how each degree will move, Tamiku takes to the air in his house send to get a-poppin’. 

Each and every spherical is specified by conventional arcade-style multi-tiered ranges, one thing that resembles Bubble Bobble and Donkey Kong. To go each and every degree, Tamiku will have to pop balloons, which he accomplishes through touching them in the event that they’re blue, and mashing them between his arms if they’re orange. 

Sadly, the lovely alien is kind of defenseless. Like Pac-Guy, one hit stops him in his tracks. In a similar way, there are areas in lots of ranges the place coming into into the a ways left of the display permits you to come out at the different facet of the display, simply if you’re operating clear of overzealous enemies. And boy, are there enemies. 

From the beginning, I used to be reminded why I’m now not massive at the arcade style: issue. It took 3 recreation overs ahead of I used to be ready to overcome the primary spherical, with enemies now not most effective going backward and forward however most sensible to backside. That, paired with random robotic spawns and having to continuously bounce or duck down a degree to keep away from demise makes Tamiku as difficult because the Centipedes and Froggers of previous. Granted, that form of factor comes with the style. 

Ranges range in issue as you move, with other enemies and methods wanted to overcome them. As nasty as the sport’s issue will also be, it seems higher than any arcade recreation I will be able to take note ever shedding a token into. The sport is stuffed with colour, vibrancy, and originality. 

There are a couple of other additions to the sport that gives accessibility, together with 5 languages, an not obligatory CRT clear out, or even not obligatory borders that smack of the arcade cupboards of the ‘80s. 

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