Review: Prehistoric Dude (Nintendo Switch)

Prehistoric Dude is a “mini metroidvania” that falls quick in a large number of key spaces. Unfortunately, that is one name that are supposed to almost certainly pass the best way of the dinosaur.

The tale for this recreation isn’t too authentic (stolen meals) and albeit foolish. What’s lunch to our human protagonist, Dude, can be however an amuse-bouche to the dinosaur thief. So Dude is in search of his meal, assuming that the dino hasn’t already swallowed it complete. It’s a vulnerable catalyst for a recreation seeking to take on this subgenre, however Prehistoric Dude targets to power with its gameplay, no longer its plot.

Regrettably, it misses the mark. The extent design isn’t enticing sufficient for the volume of backtracking that’s required. For one, the uninspired enemies all take more than one hits out of your restricted ammunition – why does a bumblebee want two blows from a hatchet? The way in which you face enemies makes it extra fine to run previous them if you’ll, which is unlucky.

The controls additionally paintings in opposition to the extent design. One thing as apparently easy as mountaineering a vine could be a slippery nightmare! After obtaining gloves (the primary particular merchandise), I think like Dude every so often will get caught grabbing a ledge after I don’t need him to, or misses one when he shouldn’t. The working could also be too refined for my liking, and there’s’ no way to remap the controls. Generally, this recreation lacks the responsive tightness that I’d be expecting.

The graphics are fundamental via and thru, irrespective of the place you’re at, even supposing some climate results liven issues quite past easy colour adjustments. Slightly than improve the visuals, the song disappoints, sounding so shrill that I needed to decrease the amount within the choices! Prehistoric Dude’s aesthetics can’t function a spice up.

Whilst it’s fulfilling to discover a new merchandise that is helping you navigate underwater, as an early instance, it’s no longer well worth the sluggish backtracking. Dude even has to do a minor back off to pick out up easy pieces like fruit and ammo that he kicks up whilst strolling. Those upload up, making this recreation slower than it will have to be. There’s no map both.

Sadly, Prehistoric Dude’s issues aren’t minor. A variety of annoyances upload as much as make this a small recreation that I disliked. It has an actual want for extra polish. With the Transfer eShop filled with higher similar-budget video games, I will be able to’t to find any reason why to counsel this forgettable one.

Need a greater name from the developer/writer? Take a look at Tremendous Wiloo Demake as an alternative.

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