Review: PixelJunk Eden 2 – More Than Simply An ‘Audiovisual Experience’

Captured on Nintendo Transfer (Hand held/Undocked)

Calling your sport “Eden” guarantees 3 issues; a lawn, bare folks, and the unique sin that ended in the inexorable corruption of humanity and, in the long run, all the distress in life. Giant sneakers to fill, then, for Q-Video games’ twelve-years-later sequel to their downloadable PlayStation 3 identify PixelJunk Eden. We are happy to document that this sport manages to steer clear of the typical construction pitfall of “unleashing the concept that of disgrace” à los angeles The Bible’s take at the style, however it is usually unfortunately missing in bare folks altogether. Until there may be some form of cheat code. (Be aware: Ask PR about nudity cheat code)

What we in fact have this is described in-game as an “audiovisual enjoy”, which we idea used to be a little treasured bearing in mind that just about the whole lot is an audiovisual enjoy. Getting a can of D&B out of the refrigerator is an audiovisual enjoy: what is your level? It is a kind of video games that looks to frontload its aesthetic choices in a (futile?) bid to be revered as artwork. Continuously this sort of factor is a little of a distraction from restricted and unenjoyable gameplay, however we are extremely joyful to document that, in step with the likes of PixelJunk Shooter and Monsters, there may be a number of amusing available with PixelJunk Eden 2.

Captured on Nintendo Transfer (Docked)

It is in fact rather attention-grabbing (adjusts spectacles) how the sport reconciles a moderately dangerous first impact. You notice, the preliminary instructional appalled us to a point. The controls and premise of the sport are defined in a technique we discovered so deficient that the concept that of reviewing a sport we did not perceive and could not play correctly was deeply scary. Consider our marvel once we bypassed the academic simplest to seek out that the principle sport enjoy is such a lot more practical and no more esoteric. Taking keep watch over of one in every of a collection of “Grimps”, you will have to connect to and swing from vegetation with a view to succeed in the “Spectra”, which is functionally simply the extent’s go out.

Controls-wise it is a little tough to become familiar with, and the aforementioned instructional is not — in our view — one of the best ways to be informed it. Being set unfastened in a real point means that you can pick out issues up in higher context, and the strange enter scheme makes extra sense this fashion. Tilting the left analogue stick makes you bounce in whichever path it is driven, but additionally permits you to swing from vegetation if you end up hooked up to them. Urgent and retaining the ‘A’ button permits you to hover and turn path mid-leap, no longer completely not like a double bounce. You’ll be able to hop, swing and glide across the ranges temporarily, on the lookout for the incessantly distant Spectra.

Captured on Nintendo Transfer (Docked)

You’ll be able to temporarily understand that there merely don’t seem to be sufficient vegetation to get by way of with, so you can want to develop a few of your personal. That is completed by way of amassing the free-floating pollen, typically by way of latching onto a plant and swinging round thru clouds of it. This pollen then means that you can develop seeds, successfully including extra platforms to the degree and permitting you to development in opposition to the Spectra. It is an attractive device and extra linear and “gamey” than it first seems. In spite of the fancy and abstruse visuals recalling “artwork video games” like Hohokum, PixelJunk Eden 2 is maximum unquestionably an objective-led identify that feels — while you in reality strip it down — corresponding to vintage arcade maze video games. You are shifting from starting to finish, making your personal course alongside the way in which. It is about as simple as its visuals are summary, however it is amusing.

The construction is strange, with a collection of “Gardens” made to be had apparently at random, with they all desiring to be cleared ahead of the following variety is shuffled in. This makes development really feel a little bit unsatisfying, and there is not a large number of selection in stated Gardens on the subject of the vaunted audiovisual enjoy. We have skilled clearing the to be had levels simplest to have nearly similar ones shuffle into the following batch, which is wearying. That stated, even though, it is most probably best possible to means PixelJunk Eden as extra of a toy than a sport you are aiming to transparent and get out of the way in which. It is extra amusing to dip into, as you’ll play at your personal tempo — both beeline for the Spectra or goal to develop as many seeds as conceivable.

Captured on Nintendo Transfer (Docked)

Rising seeds, amassing pollen and accumulating crystals will let you release “Spices”, mainly one-time perks you’ll assign for your Grimp with a view to lend a hand them. (Assign Spice for your Grimp – don’t seem to be video video games simply the most efficient?) Those be offering quite a lot of results, from having the Spectra expose its location thru a pulsating ring of concentric circles, or just assuaging the cut-off dates a little bit — even though your timer refills on the widespread checkpoints and we by no means discovered there used to be any explicit sense of urgency. Sooner or later you can release a style that lets you roam the gardens freely, even though with out the timer so as to add some semblance of, neatly, stakes, we are not certain what the draw of that mode is. Others will like it, however they most likely may not wish to put within the a number of hours vital to release it within the first position. It is an unusual resolution, however extra selection and choices cannot realistically be referred to as a nasty factor.


PixelJunk Eden 2 is an unusual duck, but it surely delivers an relaxing and tasty time. In spite of frontloading its standing as an “audiovisual enjoy”, we discovered it amusing in and of itself. The litmus check, after all, being “would this sport nonetheless be amusing if it had Vectrex-level graphics”, and fortunately on this case it completely would. A loss of selection hurts it rather, however when you deal with it as an occasional deal with to dip into fairly than an intensive marketing campaign that will have to be cleared, PixelJunk Eden 2 is a great addition for your Transfer library. Let’s simply hope that Eden 3 does not skimp at the nudity once more.

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