Review: OkunoKA Madness (Nintendo Switch) – Pure Nintendo

A platformer designed to check the precision of your speedrunning abilities, OkunoKA Insanity combines brutally difficult ranges with an lovable alien protagonist and a ravishing fable environment.

You play as KA, a adorable blue creature with sticky legs and an extended tongue, and it’s your challenge to save lots of the sector of souls out of your sour enemy, Os. The tale doesn’t have an enormous affect at the gameplay, however the little bit of context it gives is good.

The sport itself is a precision platformer within the vein of Tremendous Meat Boy. Should you’re into that style, it’s smartly value getting this recreation. The early ranges will really feel very acquainted. There are simplest such a lot of ways in which you’ll select up the similar controls and magnificence of motion, finally. You run, leap over issues and adhere to partitions to traverse each and every platform.

However the ranges in OkunoKA Insanity quickly incorporate the fantastical terrain and stumbling blocks distinctive to its international. You must steer clear of steampunk-style mechanical monsters, armed with an collection of spikes and spinning blades and flickering lasers. Whenever you’ve were given the cling of having round stumbling blocks, you acquire the power to regulate hearth and ice. This permits you to trade the solidity of icy and burning platforms so you’ll both grasp onto them or jump throughout. This lends a puzzle part to each and every degree that makes you suppose creatively in addition to transfer temporarily.

In addition to replaying platforms to overcome your individual rating, there also are on-line leaderboards the place you’ll examine your rating to different gamers around the globe.

OkunoKA Insanity is the type of rapid-paced recreation designed to problem your reflexes. After each and every degree, you’re given a grade according to how temporarily you finished the platform in addition to a observe of ways repeatedly you died earlier than you made it. Every degree can also be completed in a question of seconds, however it’s going to take a hell of so much longer to determine how.

Over 100 ranges are break up into worlds. On the finish of each and every international, there’s a boss combat. You don’t have an assault choice, so it’s a must to use what you recognize about that international’s particular risks to get your opponent to wreck themselves, dodging and jumping with professional timing to get them to price at once into destructive thorns. Whilst you win, you’re rewarded with a short lived cutscene that gives extra of a glimpse into the sport international.

OkunaKA Insanity has a large number of components which are not unusual to its style, however they’re really well carried out. The arena is authentic, with bursts of brilliant colors and beautifully detailed backgrounds that blow their own horns the alien landscapes and the monsters that inhabit them.

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