Review: Monster Sanctuary – A Pokémon / Metroidvania Mashup For Number Lovers

Captured on Nintendo Transfer (Docked)

When disparate genres come in combination, it is the hope of any reviewer that they’re going to have the ability to deploy the normal “peanut butter and jam” simile. Types that should conflict just like the wrestling finisher of the similar identify continuously synchronise fantastically, with the likes of Crypt of the Necrodancer or the newer Lair of the Clockwork God brilliantly fusing the rhythm/roguelike and point-n’-click/platformer genres to very much entertaining impact. Monster Sanctuary goals for the same alchemy between the ever-popular Metroidvania and… erm… Pokémon. This is, the abduction and next enforced violence between a bunch of critters. And, disappointingly, it is nearer to peanut butter and wholetail scampi. In truth, that sounds adore it could be roughly excellent. How about peanut butter and… er… hats? Each nice in and of themselves, no longer one of these very good fit until you might be attempting to draw squirrels. Which, in-game, we assume you’ll want to nicely be.

Captured on Nintendo Transfer (Docked)

It is all quite nice-looking, with SNES-style pixel graphics demonstrating well-drawn sprites and backgrounds, however it is all a little bit bit acquainted. The places you can seek advice from don’t seem to be specifically novel or memorable. A wooded area. A cave. A distinct cave. It is serve as over shape, however contributes to a quite banal aesthetic. Fortunately, regardless that, visible spectacle is not the purpose of Monster Sanctuary. What, then, is the purpose? Smartly… excellent query.

The platforming sections are fundamental, however stress-free, with huge spaces that attach logically in addition to quite a few locked-away treasures that require the sector talents of a selected monster to get entry to. Just like the HMs of Pokémon yore, you can want to use those talents to expend vines, spoil down partitions, or just succeed in air through hitching a trip together with your flying pals. Those are sensible, considerate makes use of for the monsters you can acquire, and makes them really feel like one thing extra than simply choices in a menu. It is a little rudimentary as lots of the purposes successfully quantity to “key in door” – and there are many keys to search out in an effort to open doorways, too.

Captured on Nintendo Transfer (Docked)

Taking pictures stated monsters to your private use is an issue of obtaining eggs when enemies drop them in battle, which while you consider this is a contact macabre. You’ll, in fact, rename your little tykes à l. a. Recreation Freak’s ever-popular cash pit, however that is about the place the significant comparisons finish, as Monster Sanctuary is an excessively other kettle of fish.

As you progress during the extraordinarily conventional Metroidvania map, you can come upon free-roaming gangs of monsters; no random battles right here. Operating into them will start up a fight, and it is this pugilism that makes up the lion’s percentage of your gameplay. Battles in Monster Sanctuary ain’t brief, and if you wish to degree up your team, you might be highest off starting up each unmarried one you return throughout. What this quantities to, in our revel in, is so much and quite a lot of lengthy, gradual fights. On moderate, we discovered it takes about 3 turns to defeat a unmarried monster, and each fight is three-on-three, in order that’s numerous turns when you permit for enemy buffs and therapeutic. After all, this does range, however we did not to find the rest we would name straight-up “fodder”. There may be an approach to play the battles in double velocity, however in truth this in reality does not make it that a lot better.

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Taking the period of the battles apart, regardless that, there is numerous meat at the bone in Monster Sanctuary; min-maxing your staff’s stats may transform an obsession, for the reason that there are more than one talent timber for each and every beastie and quite a few held pieces/equipment to customize your onslaught even additional. It is all utterly clear, too; talent timber are laid out with complete explanations of each variable, or even person assaults all the way through fight will display how a lot harm you can do sooner than you strike. On one hand, it is a stat fiend’s rainy dream, however at the different, it will possibly make the entire thing really feel about as rote as its environments. There are not any actual surprises, not anything to boost an eyebrow. We really feel like there is not intended to be, however the result’s a recreation that is going to attraction to a particular subset of avid gamers who will most likely pour masses of hours into it, in need of to peer each conceivable permutation of a staff, each to be had talent, each dropped loot merchandise. There may be what seems like a bottomless nicely of possible, and if that is any such factor that pursuits you, that is an speedy and vociferous advice.


An expansive and content-packed recreation, Monster Sanctuary can be simple to criticise as a grind if we did not to find that stated grinding was once by no means in reality important to revel in it. It is a tricky one to check as a result of numerous what this reviewer in my opinion discovered a little bit dull is precisely what is going to attraction to its core target market of number-crunching statisticians. Whilst Monster Sanctuary’s is a little bit simple on the outset, the appropriate folks will to find it certainly one of their favorite video games of the yr. It is a overall timesink, however that is a time period that means stated time is being wasted, when it really is not. Each combat is pushing your staff ahead, and the potential of maximising the potency and tool of your squad is outwardly endless. It may well really feel extra like establishing a spreadsheet than taking part in a recreation now and then, however it is not possible to disclaim that it is an completed recreation with so much to provide – and that is the reason with out even taking it on-line to fight different avid gamers. Should you like min-maxing, be at liberty so as to add some extent or two to the ranking underneath.

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