Review: Micetopia (Nintendo Switch)

Regardless of a good first affect, Micetopia can’t cross the gap. Sexy pixel artwork visuals don’t make amends for the extremely repetitive gameplay.

The plot begins with a village elder informing you that everybody was once taken to the caves and wishes saving. Later you’ll to find in the market’s a inexperienced illness infecting and spreading. This tale is easily sufficient for a recreation pushed through exploration and platforming.

Micetopia does a number of issues proper in comparison to different “Metroidvania’s” printed through Ratalaika. It doesn’t be afflicted by one-hit-fails, has a really perfect, helpful map, not obligatory hidden extras, just right track, and controls typically neatly. However there are a couple of key spaces the place a few of its selections don’t appear solely idea out,  that negatively affect enjoyment.

For example, some backtracking is the established order for video games like this. However Micetopia teases an answer, simplest not to totally are aware of it. Whilst a number of portals can temporarily take you again to the village, there’s just one to go back. Every portal replaces the present. So whilst this was once a good suggestion, it ended up being carried out in a subpar type.

Upgrades are any other space that displays some curious considering. Whilst those are sensible additions on paper, the improve prices are beautiful ridiculous. Loads of inexperienced stones (performing like forex) are wanted, but you simplest achieve them one or two at a time. Sadly, the developer were given over excited with the grind side, and I believe it was once to pad the sport out.

As I discussed originally, Micetopia has horny pixel artwork. The village and wooded area fare very best, as they’re vibrant and colourful. The caves, the place you’ll spend a lot of the sport, are a lot darker. The enemies suffice, and a few are simple to keep away from; that is just right, because the collision detection may use some paintings. One enemy blends into the background surroundings, making for an inexpensive hit.

I’m no longer conversant in Ninja Rabbit Studio. Nevertheless it’s a disgrace to look their recreation that I believed I’d counsel finish up being a subpar affair. This exploration platformer pulls off the necessities, however the period of time spent backtracking and grinding for upgrades feels a lot more wasteful quite than pleasing. Micetopia wound up reasonably disappointing, however I’ve noticed sufficient positives that I’ve some optimism for the studio’s subsequent liberate.

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