Review: Captain Sabertooth and the Magic Diamond (Nintendo Switch)

Captain Sabertooth and the Magic Diamond is an ok recreation that might be significantly better if it knew the target market it was once aiming for.

Whilst I had by no means heard of this franchise prior to, plainly, it’s reasonably well-liked in Norway. The sequence includes a huge vary of media. I do hope the opposite installments have higher plots. Looking for a magic diamond that “grants its holder a unmarried want” is cliched. It’s additionally abnormal how you purchase issues from the very pirates you might be operating with to seek out the treasure. Oh neatly, an underdeveloped plot comes 2d to the gameplay, which objectives children.

As a part of a children franchise, is Captain Sabertooth and the Magic Diamond kid-friendly? Sure and no. First, I’ll proportion many ways it’s. Just about each enemy you defeat provides you with a middle, so well being is only a concern. Even though you fail, save issues are beneficiant, and the gemstones and gold you lose on defeat stay the place you dropped them. So, you’ll be able to simply go back and pick out them up. Whilst opening a treasure chest sends valuables each which method (no longer unusual for a recreation like this), they by no means disappear from the display screen. Finally, your personality can in reality swim within the water, so not more immediate drowning.

Regardless of those positives, in my estimation, this recreation isn’t for every age. There’s some difficult platforming, and the controls aren’t as fluid as they must be. A part of me respects the sport for no longer softening up excessively. However leaping throughout ropes, timing slingshot fireplace, and driving shifting platforms are only a few issues I may see irritating children. Heck, I grew pissed off with a wall kick section about midway via, seeing my personality nearly freeze best to do slow-motion slides from the platform’s edge and tumble!

A minimum of the combating is straightforward, even together with your swords brief vary. Once more, hearts are considerable. It’s only a disgrace that the enemies are uninspired. There’s a variety of native fauna that I felt in charge about killing, so I ran previous many. Different baddies are cliched, similar to the plot.

All this stated, I actually preferred exploring those island ranges. Neatly, for probably the most section. The map quickly lots with tiny icons, and you’ll be able to’t zoom into it. I may see children in need of a extra user-friendly map, particularly for a recreation that matches below my least favourite catch-all phrases, “Metroidvania”. Captain Sabertooth and the Magic Diamond is best than many on this crowded style. However as I’ve discovered within the Transfer technology, it’s difficult to tug off an excellent one.

This recreation, whilst colourful, seems in decrease answer. I spotted this each in docked and hand-held mode. A disgrace as there appears to be some excellent element. In all probability take a look at the Steam model if graphics are a concern. I do just like the measure of vocals, although they repeat. I believe they have compatibility the demographic neatly and chime in irregularly sufficient to not damage your educate of idea. There are a large number of audio settings. It’s value noting that vocals appear to be the one distinction between the 2 playable characters.

Captain Sabertooth and the Magic Diamond has its moments. Nonetheless, the problem fluctuates an excessive amount of to provide it a huge advice to children. With none issue settings or perhaps a two-player mode the place mum and dad may lend a hand out, I may see children rising bored with this one after some time. For a $34.99 recreation, you’d like to have one the place they’d see the tip credit roll. So I’d look forward to a sale (and imaginable replace) prior to going in this platform journey.

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