Radio Telescope That Inspired Battlefield 4 Map Experiences Levolution

December 4, 2020 7:10 PM EST

The Arecibo Array in Puerto Rico, a website online that impressed the Battlefield 4 map Rogue Transmission, collapsed on December 1.

For those who performed on them, the maps in Battlefield 4 have been iconic. They have been massive, sprawling playgrounds that gamers may blow up, skydive thru and make their very own Battlefield moments in. However the standout function of the maps in Battlefield 4 used to be their levolutions. This made-up time period defines the huge adjustments each and every map may undergo when one thing will get blown up or if the elements determined to take a particularly nasty flip. Satirically, one of the most real-life inspirations for a map in Battlefield 4 skilled its personal levolution at the first of December.

Gamers might be mindful Rogue Transmission, one of the most better maps in Battlefield 4 that facilities round an enormous radio telescope. Within the recreation, this map is about within the Guizhou Province of China. If truth be told, the map is in response to the Arecibo Observatory in Puerto Rico.

Only a few days in the past, Arecibo’s 900-ton apparatus platform — that vast factor dangling some 500 ft above the dish — collapsed. The ultimate of the platform’s functioning improve cables in the end gave out, crashing the platform down at the disc underneath it. No one used to be harm within the crash, in step with an NPR record at the subject.

As unlucky as it’s {that a} huge medical icon has been destroyed, the similarities between this twist of fate and the levolution from Battlefield 4 are simple. photos of the Arecibo Observatory’s cave in may also be discovered underneath.

Right through its just about 60 years in carrier, the Arecibo Observatory used to be a very powerful instrument for scientists finding out radio astronomy and atmospheric science. Outdoor of its medical makes use of, the large facility used to be extensively utilized as a setpiece within the James Bond film GoldenEye.

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