PUBG’s new season is adding a much smaller map

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is ready to go into its tenth season, and it’s getting a brand new and really small map to have a good time. The brand new map is known as Haven and it’s set to return with a number of options that haven’t been in earlier PUBG maps, together with an enemy AI faction, a hostile helicopter roaming the skies, a dangerous armored truck, closely guarded provide caches, and a smaller dimension designed for 32 gamers each and every fit.

Whilst Haven is also PUBG’s smallest map at 1 km via 1 km — for reference, the sport’s first map was once 8×8 — the map remains to be lovely massive via maximum video games’ requirements. Haven is a sprawling business town entire with factories, tall structures, and a residential district. It’s form of like blown up model of the towns that dot PUBG’s different maps. The map takes position simply because the solar is environment, giving the town a pleasant eerie really feel, which is heightened via the truth that the AI faction known as The Pillar roams the streets trying to find gamers.

PUBG inventive director Dave Curd advised Polygon that the map’s design was once impressed via the PvE faction.

“An AI ecosystem gave the look to be the article that the group was once maximum enthusiastic about,” Curd stated in a contemporary interview. “And you then suppose, ‘nicely what sort of surroundings in reality fits that?’ So if we needed to have a kill truck on patrol we begin fascinated with gridded town streets. If we needed a number of platoons of AI to return throughout, once more that dense town environment makes numerous sense.”

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The kill truck that Curd mentions appears to be considered one of Haven’s maximum fascinating new options, specifically in relation to The Pillar. What Curd and his group colloquially name the kill truck is technically known as the Pillar Tactical, and it’s an enormous armored truck that patrols the streets and will’t be killed. If you happen to get noticed via the Pillar’s helicopter that continuously flies across the map, it’ll shine a gentle on you, alerting enemy gamers for your presence and sending the fatal tactical truck to seek you down.

Curd described the tactical truck as a “punishing, Terminator-like presence,” on Haven, particularly because it’s streets are already darkish and mysterious. Fortunately, since Haven could also be a dense town, there are many structures to leap into and evade the kill truck, even after it begins throwing Molotov cocktails at you.

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On peak in their cars, Pillar additionally has guards stationed across the map protective weapon caches. Those weapon caches spawn randomly each and every fit and substitute the airdrops from different PUBG maps because the premier option to get Haven’s easiest loot. However you’ll must battle off the Haven guards to get it.

Because of its smaller dimension, Haven may also best enhance 32 gamers in each and every fit, and for now’s restricted to only solo and duos fits. Similar to lots of the maps that experience pop out within the closing 12 months, Haven is what PUBG calls a seasonal map, because of this that it’ll go away the sport after season 10 ends.

PUBG’s tenth season is about to start out on Home windows PC on Dec. 16, and consoles on Dec. 17. All the season adjustments, together with Haven, are at the PUBG take a look at server now. For a complete have a look at the entirety that went up at the take a look at server for season 10 you’ll take a look at the patch notes.

PUBG Season 10 Check Server patch notes
New map: Haven

Haven is a dense, 1×1 city map and helps as much as 32 gamers at a time in Duos or 1-Guy Duos.

The districts of Haven

Carbon Steelworks

On the heart of Haven, we discover a huge mill- the Carbon Steelworks Complicated. Discover it’s fiery depths to protected treasured loot, or use your parkour talents to discover the rooftop! This location provides gunplay in any respect levels, however be sure you take a look at the ones darkish corners!

Coal Yards

An business barren region: traverse subject material piles, climb cranes, and be sure to aren’t too noticeable below the florescent lighting. The Coal Yards are a sniper’s paradise!

Commercial Zone

To the North, gamers will discover the Commercial Zone. Produced from factories, chemical producers, and garage amenities, gamers will have to navigate lengthy vary encounters within the box, and brutal closed quarter struggle indoors.

Residential Zone

Discover the center of Haven- the Residential Zone. Combat to the very peak of our high-rise residences, and use the tactical parachute to waft all the way down to the crowded streets underneath, and be careful- the Pillar Tactical patrols Major Boulevard!


Discover the center of Haven- the Residential Zone. Combat to the very peak of our high-rise residences, and use the tactical parachute to waft all the way down to the crowded streets underneath, and be careful- the Pillar Tactical patrols Major Boulevard!


To the West, the well-lit docks supply beneficiant duvet, and traversal alternatives for gamers to profit from! And gamers who don’t thoughts a excessive chance/praise gameplay can use the previous barges as a shortcut!

Seasonal Map

Haven is a Seasonal Map best to be had at some stage in Season 10.

  • Haven is best to be had throughout Season 10.
  • TPP & FPP.
  • 32 gamers each and every fit.
  • No commonplace bots within the map appearing as gamers, or incorporated within the participant rely.
  • Duo Mode best, together with 1-Guy Duo.
  • Fit size is shorter than different maps. You’ll earn round 70% of the BP in comparison to a full-length fit on every other map.
  • You’ll paintings in opposition to Mastery, Survivor Go and BattleStat development in Haven however your stats aren’t recorded within the Occupation tab.

Pillar Guards and Commanders

Watch out for the Pillar, an enemy faction providing a wholly new gameplay component now not observed in present Battlegrounds. Guards and Commanders are distinct taking a look opposition which give protection to positive spaces of the map, operating as an extra issue it’s a must to take care of whilst preventing towards different gamers to say the Hen Dinner.

  • Contributors of Pillar give protection to their respective spaces and assault gamers on sight.
  • Pillar Guards grasp elementary apparatus whilst Pillar Commanders grasp top-tier apparatus.
  • As soon as attacked, they ship backup requests to Pillar Scout Helicopters which will then in flip alert the Pillar Tactical.
  • Spawns best in Haven.

Pillar Provide Caches

  • The Pillar Provide Cache replaces Care Applications, and require cache keys to be looted.
  • Gamers can acquire cache keys from defeating Pillar Commanders.
  • As soon as the cache is opened, all gamers can way the cache and loot it.
  • Spawns best in Haven.

Pillar scout helicopter

  • This helicopter roams the skies of Haven, detecting gamers hiding in open areas.
  • A focus is shone without delay on detected gamers and their place is relayed without delay to Pillar Tactical. Pillar Tactical then transfer out in opposition to the highlighted gamers to release their attack.
  • Spawns best in Haven.

Pillar Tactical truck

  • This frightening piece of kit roams round Haven and assaults gamers on sight. The Pillar Tactical can’t be destroyed, so when you run into one, don’t attempt to battle it – simply run away! This large beast even shoots hearth bombs to assault gamers hiding in the back of duvet in entrance of it.
  • Pillar Tactical communicates with different individuals of Pillar, responding to requires backup and becoming a member of in engagements.
  • Spawns best in Haven.

Emergency Parachute

  • Emergency Parachutes may also be discovered round Haven and used to briefly descend from excessive puts and save you fall harm. Don’t disregard to deploy the parachute when making that bold rooftop break out, as a result of they received’t deploy via themselves.
  • This can be a single-use merchandise which fills the belt slot of your stock.
  • Spawns best in Haven.

Survivor move season 10: Step forward

Survivor Go: Step forward has all of the tools you want to take at the imply streets of Haven. That includes cool new appears in line with lore characters or even the brand new enemy faction, you’ll have various nice rewards to release as you battle your method thru all 100 ranges of the move. Step forward lasts about 3 months, so get began early and declare all of your superior new rewards!

  • Survivor Go: Step forward starts December 16, 2020 upon of entirety of reside server upkeep.
  • The move ends on March 24 at 11am KST and also you’ll have till upkeep on March thirty first to say any move rewards.
  • Kill missions will best be finished while you get a kill throughout the fit, now not simply from helping with a kill credited to every other participant.
  • Gathered kills or assists accomplished throughout a fit shall be mirrored within the kill or help missions.

Undertaking Sorts

  • Day by day missions
  • Weekly missions
  • Season missions: There are two kinds of Season missions for various weapon sorts.
  • SR missions
  • SG missions
  • Problem missions: Those missions may also be finished via exploring each and every nook of the map.

Ranked season 10

Welcome to every other new season of Ranked.

Season 9 Ranked rewards shall be delivered upon login. For main points on those rewards, please seek advice from the Finish of Season 9 Ranked and Rewards Announcement.

  • As same old, gamers will want to entire 5 placement fits at first of the brand new season.
  • Gamers will obtain an preliminary rank for the season upon of entirety in their placement fits.
  • Efficiency in those placement fits in addition to the overall rank within the earlier season shall be used to resolve an preliminary rank on the finish of placements.
  • The Season 9 Leaderboards shall be finalized.
  • Following the Are living Server upkeep, the Season 9 leaderboards shall be up to date to the overall model.

Ranked Mode Updates

  • The process used to calculate RP adjustments for Ranked fits has been remodeled to enhance the participant enjoy and scale back fatigue.
  • The whole tempo of gaining/dropping RP has been very much higher to cut back grind and in line with efficiency in comparison to the participant’s present Rank.
  • Gamers must now have the ability to extra appropriately expect what number of video games they’d want to win or lose in a row in an effort to achieve a given Rank.
  • Further Staff Kill Consequences
  • Staff killing in ranked will now additionally lead to a matchmaking lengthen penalty.
  • Added Erangel Ferry
  • The Erangel Ferry recently in Commonplace fits shall be added to Ranked and Esports modes.

Ranked Season 10 Rewards

  • The next rewards shall be to be had in line with the gamers’ rank on the finish of Ranked Season 10.
  • Trademarks
  • Season 10 Ranked Mirado
  • Season 10 Ranked Parachute
  • We can stay you up to date with main points thru further bulletins, together with the Ranked Season 10 Finish and Rewards announcement as we get deeper into Season 10.


  • To higher visualize the impacts of boosts, the Heal icon animation pace now adjustments between 4 pace periods in line with your spice up degree,
  • A handy guide a rough reminder of the 4 spice up ranges and their results:
  • Degree 1: Heal 1 HP each and every 8 seconds
  • Degree 2: Heal 2 HP each and every 8 seconds
  • Degree 3: Heal 3 HP each and every 8 seconds and provides a 2,5% persona pace spice up
  • Degree 4: Heal 4 HP each and every 8 seconds and provides a 5% persona pace spice up

Emotes in Foyer

  • Gamers can now use Emotes within the out-game foyer to sing their own praises to their pals.
  • Open the emote wheel with the assigned hotkey, or Emote shortcut. The chosen emote performs till the wheel disappears.
  • You’ll cancel the activated Emote via clicking RMB.
  • To be had in lobbies for Commonplace and Coaching Mode. No longer to be had in Ranked.


  • Pores and skin Preview Enhancements
  • Added a capability to put on/take off skins throughout previews.
  • Checkout UI has been progressed(Steam best).
  • The quantity of G-coin gamers personal is displayed within the checkout modal that looks when making a purchase order.
  • Streamlined the acquisition go with the flow so gamers should purchase G-Coin in an instant once they don’t have sufficient G-Coin.
  • Gamers can make a decision how a lot G-Coin they want and purchase it right away.
  • Made adjustments to extra simply establish BP and G-Coin icons from each and every different.
  • Customise menu has been progressed
  • Modified the background for the Customise menu
  • Added a device tip for Emote tab
  • Added Motor Glider and Aquarail filters to Customise – Automobile – Others menu.
  • Progressed capability to skip intro movies upon release.
  • Gamers are brought about to carry a button to skip the intro after urgent any key whilst the video is enjoying.
  • Progressed the visible consistency of positive tabs.
  • Customized Fit ready room UI enhancements were made.

Malicious program Fixes

  • Mounted the flawed location of the class textual content within the Settings menu.
  • Mounted some ordinary Grime Motorcycle animations.
  • A large number of map fixes have been made on Sanhok.
  • Mounted the problem the place the identify “Dacia” was once displayed in each English and Chinese language on the similar time below CUSTOMIZE → VEHICLE → CATEGORY.
  • Mounted the problem the place ordinary textual content was once displayed within the preview of G-Coin Black Friday pieces.
  • Mounted a typing error below the SETTINGS → Cloud Save menu.
  • Mounted the problem the place naked footstep sounds have been performed when dressed in Sadiya’s Wedding ceremony Get dressed / Sadiya’s Fight Go well with.
  • Rolled again the FPP digital camera viewpoint from the unintended alternate with Replace 9.2.
  • Mounted the problem the place the participant nicknames weren’t displayed when using in spectating mode.
  • Mounted the problem the place the sound of the acquisition button was once performed even if deciding on the cancel button within the acquire popup.
  • Mounted the problem of positive cars with the ability to deal harm to gamers via crashing into structures when the gamers are status in the back of a door.
  • Mounted the problem of persona fashions exhibiting abnormally at distance whilst retaining a weapon
  • Mounted a subject matter the place the aiming place seemed awkward after scrolling thru a replay.
  • Mounted the problem the place weapon scopes weren’t displayed whilst the usage of loose cam in replays.
  • Mounted the problem of the killfeed now not being displayed when scrolling in the course of the replay.
  • Mounted the problem of the record function from the timeline now not functioning within the replay.
  • Mounted the problem of the Blue Zone time gauge above the minimap now not being displayed correctly when scrolling thru a replay.
  • Mounted the problem the place the bullet tracer, group colour/thickness controls didn’t paintings throughout replays.
  • Mounted the problem of the spectator precedence mode now not operating.
  • Mounted the problem of positive HUD parts now not exhibiting when the usage of therapeutic/spice up pieces pieces.

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