PUBG is getting its first 1×1 map and an AI faction next week

PUBG’s seasonal updates have now reached double digits. Season 10 is shedding subsequent week, and with it comes extra map experiments. Closing season, we were given Paramo, a dynamic volcano map that used to be simplest 3x3km, and this time the fight royale goes even smaller.

Haven is PUBG’s tiniest map to this point, giving would-be survivors an insignificant 1x1km to mess around in. What it lacks in measurement, alternatively, it it appears makes up for in density. There is a lot happening on this wee commercial island, which additionally homes an AI faction: Pillar.

The rusty American the town will see you preventing throughout steelworks, coal yards, a residential zone and docks, filled with rooftop sniper vantage issues and blind corners. You’ll be able to be pushing via city streets, condominium constructions, warehouses and factories, switching from long-range shootouts to close-quarters slogs. And it isn’t simply different avid gamers you’ll be able to wish to fear about.

Pillar is PUBG’s first AI faction, and it appears Haven is their turf, so they would somewhat such as you to piss off. Since that isn’t going to occur, they are going to be content material with filling you with bullets. A scout helicopter will patrol the skies, removing avid gamers, accompanied via a tactical truck that can attempt to homicide any person the helicopter spots. Pillar additionally has guards and commanders protective more than a few portions of the map. Guards will likely be decked out in fundamental equipment, however the commanders will recreation top-tier apparatus.

Haven additionally accommodates Pillar provide caches, which require keys to unencumber. To get a key, you’ll be able to wish to take out a commander. Those change care applications. You’ll be able to additionally have the ability to to find emergency parachutes, letting you bounce from prime puts with out being concerned about touchdown with a splat. They’re going to make you somewhat of a goal, even though, so be careful.

A brand new season approach a brand new survivor go, a brand new season of Ranked mode, new rewards and extra mastery medals. Haven will simplest be to be had all over this season, so profit from it whilst it lasts. You’ll test it out now within the take a look at server, and it’ll release on are living servers on December 16.

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