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The most recent PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds patch is filled with firsts for the fight royale shooter.

PUBG‘s patch 10.1 is now continue to exist PC’s check servers, with the total release coming this time subsequent week. There’s a brand new map to play on, which I didn’t be expecting so quickly after Season 9’s Paramo.

However, Haven is a brand new 1x1Km map, to be had solely at some stage in Season 10 – which kicks off with the patch’s release subsequent week. Haven is a heavily-urban map that helps as much as 32 gamers. The American rust belt-set map is made up of business spaces, a delivery wharf and a few residential structures. There’s a large emphasis on verticality there, which is unusual for PUBG.

To lend a hand with traversing those structures, patch 10.1 introduces the brand new Emergency Parachute, a single-use merchandise that allows you to deploy a chute for a fast break out off roofs or any high-enough flooring. Emergency Parachutes are discovered amongst flooring loot.

Haven is to be had in each 3rd and first-person, however solely in Duos (although you’ll be able to solo queue). Not like maximum different PUBG maps, you gained’t run into any bots pretending to be actual gamers. You are going to, on the other hand, must combat towards Pillar – an AI-controlled enemy faction that will probably be protective key belongings and in search of gamers.

That is formally PUBG’s first brush with PvE. Even though it’s no longer a PvE-only mode, the addition of an enemy faction feels adore it’s main us to a long term the place PUBG provides each PvE and PvP.

Pillar goons no longer solely patrol sure spaces, additionally they give protection to provide caches that cling airdrop-tier loot. You’ll want keys to release the ones, which might be solely discovered at the lifeless our bodies of Pillar commanders. The ones higher-tier enemies are provided with higher tools and guns, and will probably be more difficult to take down in comparison to customary grunts.

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And if all that wasn’t adequate, there’s additionally a GTA-style alert mechanic wherein Pillar squaddies can focused on backup, which arrives within the type of a scout helicopter. The chopper has a large highlight that appears for gamers within the open, and shines on the ones detected. Should you’re unfortunate adequate to get noticed, you’ll must take care of the Pillar Tactical – any other car that can in reality do the killing.

The tactical is a closely armoured automobile that assaults on sight, and can’t be destroyed. It will possibly even lob grenades at the back of duvet. As at all times with a brand new season release, patch 10.1 kicks off Season 10 with its personal Combat Move, in addition to plenty of high quality of existence enhancements and UI updates.

Hit up the respectable weblog for a complete listing of adjustments.

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