Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid updated to Version 2.5.0

Energy Rangers: Combat for the Grid has been up to date to Model 2.5.0. Take a look at the entire patch notes underneath.

Primary Adjustments

We’ve heard your issues, and we agree — the small playable house felt like combating in a telephone sales space, particularly with the unbelievable mobility choices to be had to the solid. We’ve doubled the playable house, and all level environments were changed to house this variation.

In fact, this comes with a number of implications on gameplay and steadiness, so we’ll be tracking participant comments carefully because the meta shakes out. In the end, suits will have to really feel a lot more dynamic, with extra of a focal point on spacing and level keep watch over. An oblique implication is there are fewer “contact of deaths”.

Megazord timers were greatly decreased around the board. Stage 2 MZ Extremely timer now lets in for kind of 2 MZ assaults, whilst a degree 3 MZ Extremely is simply sufficient time for 4. That is to scale back the time gamers really feel like they’re compelled to “now not play”, whilst decreasing the affect of robust MZ Extremely loop combinations.

Malicious program Fixes

Projectile dealing with stepped forward (not crashes when spawning too many projectiles). E.g., Lauren’s Sakura Strike.

Identified Problems

Jen Scotts’ flying knockdown hit response would possibly reason erratic habits in positive scenarios. That is to be fastened in an upcoming patch.

Dino Megazord

Diminished Dino Stomp (medium assault) injury; from 200 to 150.

Dino Stomp energetic frames reduced from 10 to 4, decreasing the chance of it hitting airborne enemies.

Lord Drakkon

Fastened a physics field factor with status heavy 2. It will have to be a lot more constant as a juggle follow-up (i.e., Drakkon is much less prone to go beneath juggled foes)

Magna Defender

Fastened a cancel window that allowed Magna Defender to mash out of his personal Again Particular (Avenger) follow-up

Dragon Armor Trini

Jetrush release pace stepped forward (the time it takes for her to start out launching ahead decreased). Moreover, it’s now “S-cancelable” between frames 21 and 43, giving her a “fake-out” choice.

Customary mild assault injury larger from 40 to 50.

Megabeam injury larger, as much as 140, from 120.

Megabeam (and lend a hand variant) now have an overly slight “pull-in” impact on juggled enemies.

Jen Scotts

Tremendous cinematic homes stepped forward and will have to really feel a lot more constant (i.e., the place Jen and her enemy finally end up post-cinematic).

Lord Zedd

Tremendous cinematic homes stepped forward and will have to really feel a lot more constant (i.e., the place Zedd and his enemy finally end up post-cinematic).

Quantum Ranger

Fastened a topic that avoided bounce and Quantum Bounce after appearing Formation: Air Blade.

Crashblade’s flooring soar impact is now just a little extra constant (Formation: Air Blade into follow-up)

Lauren Shiba

Status heavy now reasons a restricted spinning knockdown, mitigating her injury output from her Shiba stance loops.

Samurai Fireplace is not regarded as a “low” hit, and will also be blocked whilst status.

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