Overclocker pushes a 14-year-old Celeron to 8.36GHz

A Chinese language overclock, ivanqu0208 (by the use of El Chapuzas Informatico) has not too long ago controlled to push a venerable Celeron D 347 to eight.36GHz. In case Intel’s ever-changing naming conventions do not give the sport away, that is a CPU from 2006. Yup, simply because a chip is not leading edge, does not imply that it could actually leisure on its inventory frequency laurels and revel in some easy internet surfing in its twilight years.

For the ones that do not take into account, the Intel Celeron D 347 is a single-core, single-thread Cedar Mill CPU with a inventory frequency of three.06GHz, a 533MHz frontside bus, 85W TDP, and plugged into the LGA775 socket—players of a undeniable age might get a bit of misty-eyed about that socket, it used to be house to the likes of the Core 2 Duo E8600 and the a large number of Pentium 4s.

(Symbol credit score: CPUID)

The overclock of 8,362.21MHz on liquid nitrogen (LN2) equates to a 173 % growth from the inventory clock.

No longer a nasty little bit of overclocking, however with the sector document sitting at 8,516.17Mhz, there may be nonetheless some method to move. It is value declaring that the sector document used to be hit over seven years in the past through fellow TeamChina member wytiwx, which has us questioning why ivanqu0208 is breaking out the previous chips for a bit of extra loving? Most likely merely to attain a couple of extra issues at the global overclocking degree for managing the second-highest overclock of the chip.

If you happen to’re questioning, Ivanqu0208 does not simply overclock older chips and has numerous extra fashionable overclocks beneath their belt, together with taking a Core i9 10900K as much as 7,298MHz and a Ryzen 9 5950X to six,049MHz. 

If you wish to see simply how a ways you’ll be able to push the newest chips, then HWBOT is value a discuss with. Both manner, you might want to see some vintage chips getting some LN2 love.

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