Ninjala Ventures into New Territory with a Puzzle & Dragons Collaboration Event

GungHo On-line Leisure (GOE) introduced a brand new collaboration tournament between the bubble-gum brawler Ninjala and dungeon-crawling collectathon Puzzle & Dragons. This newest collaboration brings new avatar outfits, BGM tracks from Puzzle & Dragons, and extra collectibles. It’s reside now via January 6, 2021.

For the collaboration, new pieces might be to be had within the Uniqueness Store.

3 new avatar outfits in keeping with Puzzle & Dragons characters can also be bought, together with Crimson Dragon Caller, Sonia; Valkyrie; and Hattori Hanzo.

BGM tracks from Puzzle & Dragons’ in-game BGM might be bundled with each and every outfit.

Gamers too can acquire a Toragon-themed masks and a REMDra Gum Utsusemi.

Moreover, avid gamers can earn a distinct Puzzle & Dragons IPPON ornament as a combat praise from Fast Battles, Ninja Battles, and Featured Battles.


GOE additionally introduced Season 4 in a up to date Dev Diary. The brand new season is full of content material and can start on January 7, 2021 and final till March 24, 2021.

Season 4 comprises:

● New degree, Citadel Riverdale, is a London-themed ‘middle of the night’ degree, the primary of its sort. It includes a large clocktower, a gum manufacturing facility, and a background full of gorgeous town skylines. The degree has extra elevation variations than earlier maps and contours two new gimmicks: the Warp Gate and the Large Gum Gacha.

○ Warp Gate lets in avid gamers to trip between in a similar fashion coloured Warp Gates across the degree. Bring to mind it just like the Underground, with the exception of in truth rapid.

○ Large Gum Gacha is caused via urgent a transfer, spitting out a work of gum with quite a few results. It might building up avid gamers’ S-Power, however be careful! Some gum can even motive injury.

● Two new Katana kind guns, Scrap Saber and Chewing V, cuts forward of the contest.

● New Ninjutsu, Shinobi Disco, creates a dance box that forces all who input to bust a transfer! Different movements might be tricky to tug out when boogying to the beat.

● New Particular, Froggy Block, summons a box-wall both in entrance of avid gamers as a standard assault or close to a focused opponent as a large assault.

● Two new Shinobi Playing cards are able for play, together with Power Hoarder, which will increase the quantity of S-Power recovered when amassing it at the map; and Fast Respawn, which permits avid gamers to respawn in position with low well being as much as 3 times.

● Different enhancements incoming comprises reduced time between discovering and beginning a fit, favorites now ready to be stored one after the other, and spectators with the ability to host a room.

What’s Subsequent for the Ninjala Caricature Anime and a Partnership with Bandai

The following bankruptcy of the Ninjala cool animated film anime may be across the nook, highlighting everybody’s favourite dancing, crime-fighting famous person Emma!

GOE may be partnering with Bandai to liberate Ninjala Assortment Card Vol. 1, collectable playing cards each and every depicting a Ninjala personality and a Gum Weapon in america, France, Spain, Japan, and all all through Asia. Scanning a Assortment code at the again of the playing cards triggers a minigame, and avid gamers can earn tier issues and unique in-game rewards from taking part in it. Are you able to gather all of them?

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