Necromunda: Underhive Wars is getting a tanky new gang – the Van Saar

The primary DLC for Necromunda: Underhive Wars, a Warhammer 40,000-themed, XCOM-style motion technique recreation, releases on Monday, December 14, including a brand new playable faction: the high-tech ranged warring parties of the Van Saar Gang.

In line with a press free up from developer Rogue Issue and writer Focal point House Interactive, the Van Saar will game extra technologically complicated armour and deadlier ranged guns than their rival gangs, together with “improvised explosives, bolter shells, and automatic turrets”.

That’s a commanding arsenal when compared with the brutal, low-tech pit-fighting tools carried by way of a lot of Necromunda’s underhive gangs – however it comes at a worth. With all the ones weapons and armour weighing them down, Van Saar gangers are a lot slower-moving, so that you’ll have to modify up your techniques and think twice about positioning in fight. The brand new gang guarantees to have the similar vary of persona development and customisation choices because the factions integrated at release, each in gameplay and cosmetics. That incorporates your possible choices of “careers, characteristics, abilities, apparatus items, offensive and tactical consumables, color schemes”, and extra, in keeping with the writer.

By means of all appearances, the Van Saar Gang DLC shall be a paid add-on when it releases on Steam on December 14, however Focal point House Interactive has now not but showed costs.

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