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Maneater is the second one boss within the Tower of Latria Archstone, discovered on the finish of the Higher Latria space. This is a tough beast in a position to knocking you off the bridge with its tough sprint, and dropping rain magic on you whilst flying within the air. While you whittle it right down to a few quarter well being (or after a couple of mins of struggle) a 2nd Maneater will spawn.

Take a look at our information to defeating the Maneaters underneath:

See the Maneater Boss Video Information

Maneater Boss Technique

The number 1 factor to stay on thoughts right through this combat is: how shut am I to the threshold? Certainly one of Maneater’s maximum not unusual assaults is his sprint which can simply fling you off the threshold should you are not status close to the center of the bridge. In case you are a melee consumer you need to concurrently be as as regards to the center of the bridge as you’ll be able to always, and check out to keep away from status without delay in entrance of Maneater. Maximum of his assaults (his leaping slam and jabs) hit the realm in entrance of him, and his sprint can also be have shyed away from with a sidestep (or along with your defend when you have sufficient staying power).

At all times attempt to assault him from the aspect or again, which can sometimes stagger him leaving him open to lengthy mixtures. Simply take into account he can temporarily crouch down and get ready for a splash assault at any time, so depart your self some stamina to roll away. In the event you get too some distance clear of Maneater he’ll every now and then fireplace a mystical blast at you, which can also be blocked along with your defend. He’ll additionally sometimes get bitten through his snake tail, which tries to enchant him with poison. Use this as a gap to get in 1-2 loose assaults.

In case you are a ranged consumer you need to make use of a most commonly equivalent technique, however you’ll be able to put your self at much less chance through ready out the dodge, then unleashing assaults when he leaves himself susceptible afterwards. It’s also price noting that you’ll be able to disguise in the back of the massive torch in the midst of the bridge and Maneater will grow to be caught at the different aspect, providing you with a second to heal or leisure.


If Maneater dashes off the bridge he’ll start flying across the enviornment and throwing magic assaults down at you. Ranged customers can conrtinue to assault whilst he’s within the air, whilst melee customers will simply wish to dodge and wait it out. When the primary Maneater will get low a 2nd will spawn in, so you should definitely kill off the primary once imaginable to keep away from getting double teamed. Repeat the similar procedure towards the second one Maneater to defeat it and win the struggle.

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