Madden 21 Next-Gen Graphics Comparison – Current Gen Vs. Next Gen

Now we have posted a 4K video of our Madden 21 next-gen graphics comparability. This presentations off the current-gen and next-gen variations of the sport operating on a PS5.

What we did right here was once seize more than a few parts of a snow sport at night time and a sport that begins at 4:15 in transparent climate. We used the Browns vs. Eagles and Cowboys vs. Expenses as the 2 matchups.

We do side-by-side comparisons for a sport creation, QB creation, sideline comparisons and a run play. We even have separate performs appearing off each runs and passes from the default digicam, the printed digicam, and the “changed” OS broadcast digicam numerous us like to make use of.

See what adjustments you’ll spot, and in case you recognize the video, remember to subscribe to our channel and just like the video. You all were appearing such a lot toughen in recent times and we like ya for it.


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