Johnny Silverhand’s tragic rock star backstory makes him perfect for Keanu Reeves

Who’s Keanu Reeves in Cyberpunk 2077? CD Projekt Purple do not regularly cross in for famous person voice actors. They did forged Charles Dance because the Nilfgaardian Emperor Emhyr var Emreis in The Witcher 3, and he introduced the similar regal risk to the function he delivered to Tywin Lannister in Sport of Thrones. Casting Keanu Reeves as Johnny Silverhand in Cyberpunk 2077 achieves one thing an identical. Silverhand is a cherished determine who evokes adoration—throughout the glimpse of the nature advent display screen we noticed throughout the demo, he used to be indexed a few of the adolescence heroes you’ll be able to select.

That rapturous response Keanu were given when he walked out on degree at E3? You are breathtaking? That is how other folks on the earth of Cyberpunk 2077 would react to Johnny Silverhand.

Cyberpunk 2077 Keanu Reeves: The whole thing you want to understand

The opposite choices to your adolescence hero also are from the tabletop sport: Morgan Blackhand and Saburo Arasaka.

So who’s he? Johnny Silverhand is going the entire as far back as the primary printing of the Cyberpunk rulebook from 1988, the place he seems as a central persona in a brief tale and introductory journey referred to as By no means Fade Away. His backstory is that he used to be a soldier within the 2d Central American War—you’ll be able to see the canine tags from the ones days round Keanu’s neck within the trailer—a battle through which america experimented by itself troops with struggle medication and dangerous cybernetics. Johnny abandoned, set himself up with a brand new id, and moved to Evening Town.

There he began a band referred to as Samurai with a fellow ex-soldier named Kerry Eurodyne. After a pair years enjoying Evening Town’s bars and golf equipment they have been signed through Common, and when their unmarried Blistering Love went to primary on “EuroRadio,” they all at once changed into probably the most largest bands on the earth. Samurai nonetheless have enthusiasts in 2077, because the jacket V wears has their brand on it, some 69 years once they broke up in 2008.

Within the tabletop sport Rockers are probably the most roles gamers can select, like categories in D&D. They are charismatic rebels who use their track to encourage political alternate, even revolutions. Johnny’s track changed into explicitly political after Samurai’s break-up, when a rival label unearthed the reality of his desertion and attempted to blackmail him into signing with them. As a substitute he went public, proudly owning as much as his previous and liberating a solo album referred to as SINS of Your Brothers about his reviews as a soldier. It pressured the federal government to come clean with its wartime atrocities, and made him much more well-known.

An advert for one among Johnny’s albums, to be had at “video, CD and chipware shops”.

In 2012 Johnny’s female friend, a netrunner named Alt Cunningham, used to be abducted through the Arasaka Company. She’d advanced a program referred to as Soulkiller, some way of digitizing other folks’s minds or even moving them between our bodies, as proprietary paintings for every other company. Arasaka sought after her to recreate a brand new model of Soulkiller only for them.

Johnny put in combination a workforce of Edgerunners, the cyberpunks of Cyberpunk 2020, to rescue Alt. As a distraction he were given his bandmates in combination and placed on a loose live performance within the park at once throughout from Arasaka’s workplace construction. When he led the gang around the boulevard towards the construction a twitchy guard opened hearth, leading to a revolt. All the way through the chaos Johnny and his workforce fought their manner during the construction, simplest to search out Alt’s frame, which he over excited. 

Unbeknownst to him, Alt had uploaded herself into the construction’s computer systems the use of Soulkiller, and used to be in the course of turning the ones defenses towards her captors, and then she deliberate to go back to her frame and break out. The tragic twist: Johnny’s interference left her trapped within the mainframe, a ghost within the system. (Reeves’ modern day common personality is so tied up within the ‘unhappy Keanu’ meme and his personal private tragedies, it is laborious to not see some symmetry right here, too.)

Alt Cunningham, every other of the unique sport’s iconic characters.

Johnny confirmed up once more within the ultimate e-book for the Cyberpunk 2020 line, which used to be set in 2024 throughout the Fourth Company Struggle. Johnny used to be out for revenge towards Arasaka, having discovered that Alt survived as an AI of their ownership and used to be being pressured to expand Soulkiller v3.0 for them. As soon as once more Johnny led a workforce of Edgerunners into Arasaka territory, however used to be pinned down through their safety forces, led through a cyborg named Adam Smasher. 

Johnny threw himself at them as a distraction, permitting his workforce’s netrunner, Spider Murphy, time to rescue Alt and ship her out into the Internet. Smasher shot Johnny with an autoshotgun, tearing him in part. Then, to cement the truth he used to be without a doubt useless, a nuclear weapon used to be detonated within the construction, lowering it and a portion of Evening Town round it to radioactive rubble (one thing town would possibly nonetheless be coping with in Cyberpunk 2077).

RIP Johnny Silverhand.

Clearly Johnny’s again by the point of the videogame, many years later. However as they trailer confirmed he isn’t solely actual. He is a digitization residing on a chip in V’s head. Which items an intriguing risk—this is how the Cyberpunk 2020 rulebook described Alt’s Soulkiller program:

“The unique Soulkiller began as a matrix to include synthetic personalities. She’d studied the concept that, labored out the parameters for making a garage matrix. She’d been fascinated and awed to find the similar matrix may just include residing engrams; switch them from laptop to frame or even again once more. It used to be immortality.”

Possibly Johnny used to be uploaded the use of Soulkiller sooner or later prior to his meat frame took a dust nap, explaining how he is nonetheless round in 2077. Alt is most probably nonetheless in the market someplace, too. And if Johnny’s controlled to live on as a virtual ghost on a mind chip conserving the name of the game to virtual immortality, that seems like an excellent excuse to have everyone in Evening Town gunning for it—and also you.

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