Immortals Fenyx Rising: How to solve the constellation myth in Clashing Rocks

The Immortals Clashing Rocks constellation delusion problem is the sport’s advent to the numerous different puzzles littered right through its large international. Focused across the Observatory, it’s the one constellation puzzle I’ve encountered that’s required to growth via the principle tale. In the event you’re having bother monitoring down the ones pesky starry marbles, I’ve put in combination a at hand information to stroll you via every micro-puzzle step by step.

Because it’s principally the educational constellation delusion, one marble is already in position for you. The opposite 4 are slightly trickier to search out, so regulate the compass on the best of your display: You’ll want it to observe a couple of instructions right through the information. Let’s get began with the Clashing Rocks constellation delusion in Immortals Fenyx Emerging.

Immortals Clashing Rocks constellation delusion information: How you can resolve itPuzzle 1: Damaged wall

(Symbol credit score: Ubisoft)

Head down the staircase north of the constellation puzzle board and in finding the caged construction with massive columns. At the proper wall you’ll discover a partly damaged wall that may be smashed with Fenyx’s hammer. Pummel it, and inside of you’ll in finding the marble on best of a giant steel field. Push the field and the marble will drop. It’s all yours.

Puzzle 2: Mild the torch

(Symbol credit score: Ubisoft)

Climb the steps immediately west of the puzzle board and switch proper to discover a marble locked in the back of a pink barrier. Stand at the power pad close to the barrier (the sort most effective Fenyx can cause) and the torch above the barrier will liberate. Use Apollo’s Arrow to mild it, and the barrier will drop. Two down.

Puzzle 3: Timed Trial

(Symbol credit score: Ubisoft)

Pass up that very same staircase close to the board and head left this time. You will have to see a lever, locked gates, and a far off marble in the back of them. Pulling the lever will liberate the gate to the marble for a couple of seconds, however you’ll wish to briefly jump over the wall to get there. Use the makeshift ramp to the left to tug off the run conveniently. When you’re in, you’ll use that marble to additionally liberate the ultimate marble the use of the close by transfer. Simply fit in every marble to its position and the wing piece is all yours.

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