Immortals Fenyx Rising: How to solve every constellation myth in Valley of Eternal Spring

Caught at the demanding situations within the Immortals Valley of the Everlasting Spring house? Of each facet job in Immortals Fenyx Emerging, constellation myths are essentially the most concerned puzzles you’ll in finding, with out diving right into a Vault of Tartaros. They’re additionally a little bit rarer than your moderate guarded chest or navigation problem, however they do praise much more Cash of Charon. There are two constellation myths within the Valley of Everlasting Spring, the sport’s first main house: one in Eros’s Haven and the opposite at Aphrodite’s Palace.

Each are so much trickier than the Immortals Clashing Rocks constellation fantasy that most commonly served as an instructional. Neither are tied to a chief quest, so that you’ll have to seek out them your self. I’ve marked them at the map beneath on your comfort. Additionally, control the compass on the best of your display screen. You’ll want it to observe a couple of instructions during the information.

(Symbol credit score: Ubisoft)Immortals Valley of the Everlasting Spring constellation fantasy locationsEros’ Haven

(Symbol credit score: Ubisoft)Puzzle 1: Rock throw

Head west of the puzzle board and waft all the way down to the decrease structures. Kill the close by enemies and also you’ll understand a marble to the south blocked via a pink barrier. Clutch a close-by rock to damage the unfastened bricks above it and disclose a locked torch. Stand at the close by drive pad and steer an Apollo arrow thru a brazier and into the torch. First marble down.

(Symbol credit score: Ubisoft)Puzzle 2: Freebie

If you get your first marble, you’ll use it to simply free up the locked marble subsequent to the puzzle board. Slot it into the left transfer, press the button, and it’s yours.

(Symbol credit score: Ubisoft)Puzzle 3: Torch gentle

Should you’re dealing with the puzzle board, flip round to discover a marble in a gazebo blocked via a barrier. The usage of Apollo’s Arrow and any of the encompassing lit torches, ignite the a long way proper torch and drop the barrier (no drive pad required this time). That’s 3.

Symbol 1 of two

First Transfer (Symbol credit score: Ubisoft)Symbol 2 of two

2d Transfer (Symbol credit score: Ubisoft)2d switchPuzzle 4: Two arrow switches

Practice the water to the left of the puzzle board (east) and also you’ll discover a small waterfall originating from a tunnel with a gold front. Head in and cause the close by arrow transfer. That may free up the button at once throughout from it, the primary of 2 buttons had to free up the marble above. Go away the tunnel and climb up east to the realm above the puzzle board. To the north you’ll discover a marble at the back of a pink barrier. To the appropriate of that construction is an arrow transfer close to a tree. Shoot it and free up the close by button. Press it, and the marble is yours.

(Symbol credit score: Ubisoft)Puzzle 5: Hidden front

Climb again as much as that japanese platform. Close to the round area the place the cyclops hangs out, discover a tiny bridge crossing a small creek. The marble may also be noticed within the bridge thru grating. Leap into the creek and discover a hidden front to this bizarre bridge-tunnel on a rock face somewhat west of the bridge. It’s blocked via a couple of trees, so chop the ones down. A couple of enemies are guarding the marble. Defeat them, break the unfastened brick wall, and it’s yours.

(Symbol credit score: Ubisoft)Puzzle 6: Arrow impediment

Head west of the puzzle board till you notice two airlifts. Use the appropriate airlift to waft to the northwest platform. Within reach, you’ll in finding the following caged marble. Damage the unfastened bricks to the left of the marble to show an arrow transfer. Stay going north to discover a raised platform guarded via enemies. As soon as transparent, stand at the drive plate at the platform. Steer an Apollo arrow to the appropriate after which left, weaving thru the brand new pink limitations and towards the arrow transfer close to the marble. Hit it, and the marble is freed.

Aphrodite’s Palace

(Symbol credit score: Ubisoft)Puzzle 1: Two torches

For the reason that entire palace is ocean-themed, every of the 5 marbles are hiding within massive clams. Simply northwest of the puzzle board is the primary clam. Place your self round a close-by brazier and shoot two fireplace arrows into the torches proper subsequent to the clam. Take the marble inside.

(Symbol credit score: Ubisoft)Puzzle 2: Cliffside bushes

The second one clam is solely southeast of the puzzle board. Scan the cliffside and also you’ll spot the clam close to the waterfall. Climb down and chop down the bushes subsequent to it. That may disclose an arrow transfer at the back of a grating. Shoot it to open the clam and declare the marble.

(Symbol credit score: Ubisoft)Puzzle 3: Cabbage rescue

Immediately east of the puzzle board is a complicated gazebo with a clam at its middle. You’re in search of the lacking cabbage to put on a close-by podium. Run down the ramp that encircles the gazebo to seek out the imprisoned cabbage (it’s slightly under the gazebo to the north). Damage the unfastened bricks at the back of the cage to loose it. Substitute the cabbage, open the clam, and declare the marble.

(Symbol credit score: Ubisoft)Puzzle 4: Pot break

Immediately left of the puzzle board is a spiraling ramp that is going up. Run to the highest to discover a clam surrounded via many gassy pots. Simply break them! The marble is yours (and you’ll save a while via rolling it down the ramp).

(Symbol credit score: Ubisoft)Puzzle 5: Fast reflexes

Close to the place you simply smashed the ones pots you’ll in finding an airlift. Experience it as much as in finding every other clam. This one is surrounded via arrow switches and a lever. Pull the lever to start out the time trial. Temporarily shoot the switches ranging from left to proper as they free up. Be triumphant, and the remaining marble is yours.

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