If you love the SkyUI mod for Skyrim, you should check out FallUI for Fallout 4

Of all of the Skyrim mods ever made, and we are speaking tens of hundreds, SkyUI is without doubt one of the hottest of all time with thousands and thousands of downloads. And it is simple to look why: Skyrim’s vanilla UI used to be very obviously designed with consoles in thoughts, with outsized textual content for folks sitting on couches and enjoying on their TVs, and menu choices intended to be scrolled thru by the use of a controller.

On PC, the place gamers have get right of entry to to a mouse and are sitting a lot nearer to our screens, Skyrim’s UI isn’t a super revel in. Input the SkyUI mod, which redesigned the UI to be way more PC pleasant, visually satisfying, and closely customizable, whilst including plenty of helpful sorting and looking options.

If you happen to use and revel in SkyUI (and even supposing you do not), you will have to surely check out FallUI, which is trying to do the similar factor for Fallout 4. It isn’t made by way of the author of SkyUI however is obviously impressed by way of it, and it positive appears so much nicer and way more helpful than the vanilla machine. FallUI has advanced merchandise lists and filtering, weapon sorting by way of attributes like harm and DPS, plus subcategories for pieces like meals, beverages, and attire that make it a lot more uncomplicated to seek out what you might be in search of temporarily reasonably than having to buckle down and do whole lists of things.

And I specifically like this agreement view within the menu, which will provide you with an at-a-glance readout at the collection of settlers, meals, water, energy, protection, and happiness, all at the identical display:

(Symbol credit score: Bethesda)

The UI is not only on your Pipboy, both: it extends to any container you open, and barter displays, too. You’ll temporarily evaluate two pieces on your stock with every different the usage of a unmarried keypress (Y), and you’ll upload new sorting subcategories within the configuration menu to tailor it in your wishes. Neato burrito!

To make use of FallUI, you’ll be able to additionally want DEF_UI (a customizable UI mod that FallUI is in line with) and the Mod Configuration Menu (MCM) mod (which itself wishes Fallout 4 Script Extender to paintings), and an merchandise sorting mod like this one, so you should definitely obtain and set up the ones mods too, after which take a look at the weight order on FallUI’s mod web page. I do know, that is a large number of additional paintings, however it appears love it could be price it.

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