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You have heard that Cyberpunk 2077 Brick is now not the Maelstrom chief, however he is in fact nonetheless alive, and you’ll be able to save him. Similar to most of the different Cyberpunk 2077 quests, this undertaking calls for somewhat little bit of legwork previously, so you might have extra possible choices relating to dealing with the placement within the All Meals construction.

You’ll be able to wish to come to a decision the way you maintain Royce sooner than you’ll be able to even consider on the lookout for Brick. It would possibly not take lengthy to seek out him despite the fact that, so let’s get directly to it. Here is methods to to find the code to Brick’s room, disarm the detonator, and save Brick within the Cyberpunk 2077 The Pickup quest.

Cyberpunk 2077 loose Brick: How one can to find and rescue him  in The Pickup

First off, you wish to have to head and handle Royce. I’ve a information on whether or not you must pay for the Flathead or shoot Royce in Cyberpunk 2077 that covers each selection on this quest, together with the not obligatory segment that ratings you the Militech credchip. 

Now it is time to cross and make contact with Royce. If you are set on rescuing Brick, and also you shouldn’t have seven issues on your Intelligence characteristic, you must shoot Royce and kill the opposite enemies within the room with him. Do not put out of your mind to loot his frame for his Chaos Tech pistol, as this can be a treasured Iconic merchandise that’ll be value the use of this early within the sport.

I attempted to loose Brick after delivering the Militech credchip to Royce and I wasn’t in a position to engage and deactivate the detonator software in a while (which you can wish to do to rescue him except you might have the specified Intelligence stats). I may scan the detonator, so I am not sure whether or not this can be a worm, or a part of the search. Alternatively, in case your Intelligence stats are prime sufficient, you are able to loose him with out the detonator anyway. 

After coping with Royce, snatch the Flathead robotic, take the yellow ladder within the nook and open the door. Climb at the packing containers and switch at the manufacturing line. Then stroll throughout the hole to go down any other ladder. Drop throughout the hollow within the steel walkway and both steer clear of the enemies the use of stealth, or transparent the room via pressure. Those will both be Maelstrom participants, or Militech guards relying to your earlier choice.

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Stroll throughout the door at the left facet of the room (alongside the steel walkway) and go throughout the door reverse. Immediately to your left you can spot Brick in a locked room. He will shout for assist as soon as he spots you. Proceed ahead into the second one room. At the gray desk at the proper you’ll realize a pc. Press R to open it, then cling F to make use of it. Navigate to the final message within the Messages tab titled “simplest you guys know”. 

This unearths that the code for Brick’s door is 9691.

At the countertop without delay to the left of the doorway to the second one room, you can to find the detonator. Withstand the temptation to prompt the rate as this will likely kill Brick. As an alternative, merely disarm it. Head again throughout the door to Brick’s room and engage with the keypad at the left to punch within the code. Talk to Brick and whilst you point out that he owes you he’s going to say “if we ever meet once more, I will have you ever lined”. I have not encountered Brick simply but, however I will replace this information if I run into him.

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