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In Cyberpunk 2077 you’ll come throughout various circumstances the place you’ll be able to intrude in against the law in motion. Chances are you’ll also have the risk to save lots of civilians and become profitable whilst you do it! This Cyberpunk Crime and Bounty information explains all you wish to have to find out about the ones duties and how you can acquire bounties.

The best way to Accumulate a Bounty

One of the vital previous belongings you’ll be told in Cyberpunk is that with V’s stepped forward scanner, you’ll be able to see who in Night time Town has a bounty on them. All you wish to have to do to “acquire” that bounty is solely subdue the enemy. That’s it. There’s no drop off, no quantity to name. As soon as the activity is completed the cash is yours.

Then again, if you happen to subdue your selected goal and don’t see a cash pop-up at the left facet of the display screen it may well be since you’re nonetheless in battle.

Whilst you’re in battle Cyberpunk received’t display any new XP or cash won all through a combat. As an alternative, it’ll display all the ones pop-ups after you’ve gotten out of battle. You’ll inform if you happen to’re in battle in case your mini-map has a purple border and says “battle” alongside the ground of the mini-map.

Then again, is it price gathering a random bounty? Normally no longer. Folks aren’t most often price a complete lot and also you’ll need to subdue multiple goal extra regularly than no longer. The cash a person is price and the Boulevard Cred you’ll be able to get from subduing them (you’ll be able to see the road cred you’ll get in inexperienced textual content subsequent to the “SC” label within the scanner) varies according to the enemy. In case you’re eliminating against the law boss, as an example, they’ll be price so much.

Reported Crime Rewards

In case you’re taking over an Attack in Growth or different NCPD reported crime process, you’ll finally end up eliminating a number of enemies with bounties on their head. Then again, that’s no longer at all times the one factor you wish to have to do for a reported crime. Lots of them require you to additionally select up proof to “end” the activity. You’ll know that you just haven’t picked it up if you happen to’re nonetheless within the house and feature the duty at the proper facet of your display screen.

The “proof” for reported crimes are regularly information shards on a pc or once in a while in a handbag and even on an individual. You’ll use your scanner to search out them. They’ll most often be close to the place the majority of the enemies had been while you first approached the scene and are marked by way of the yellow exclamation level.

Whilst you’ve effectively gathered the proof you’ll be able to see a “Task Entire” notification at the left facet of the display screen in conjunction with your payout.


Some reported crimes have more than one steps too! After you acquire the proof you will have to get a payout, however if you happen to as a substitute see a role replace popup at the left, take a look at your Magazine within the menu. Scroll down previous Gigs and you will have one thing below an NCPD phase that gives you a trackable goal for NCPD reported crimes.

Don’t put out of your mind to loot the entire pieces in a space after a reported crime is wiped clean up! It’s in those occasions you’re much more likely to discover a junk merchandise price over $750.

It’s price gathering weapons and promoting them or disassembling them anyway.

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