How to find the Relic in Cyberpunk 2077

At the hunt for the Cyberpunk 2077 Relic biochip? You will have simply hopped into the Cyberpunk 2077 braindance editor for a 2nd time, however there are a couple of clues to seek out within the Arasaka penthouse earlier than you’ll find the biochip you might be in search of. Your digital go back and forth to Konpeki Plaza may not be lengthy, and you’ll be able to discover the entire data you want forward of your subsequent project.  

You’ll be able to spend maximum of your time zooming round in Enhancing Mode within the braindance editor, however be at liberty to look at the entire recording from Evelyn’s viewpoint as that is an non-compulsory goal. To avoid wasting you a while scrubbing in the course of the timeline, I am right here to spotlight when and the place you want to be scanning the room for hints. Here is the best way to to find the Relic in Cyberpunk 2077.

Cyberpunk 2077 Relic location: The Knowledge quest information

We all know there are 3 layers to the braindance editor: Visible, thermal, and audio. You’ll be able to want to transfer between all 3 to ace this project, in addition to rewinding and speedy forwarding in the course of the timeline. Simply faucet Shift to your keyboard to change between layers as you pass. Dangle E to speedy ahead, Q to rewind, and area to play/pause.  

Within the audio layer, scan Yorinobu’s telephone as he talks

T-Malicious program guides you via step one and tells you to pay attention to the dialog Yorinobu is having. Transfer to the audio layer and scan (hover over the magnifying glass icon) the video feed at the wall to ensure the sound supply.

Pause at 00:33 to scan his telephone. Now you’ll sit down again and concentrate to Yorinobu’s telephone name for a couple of moments. At round 01:10 at the timeline hints that any other clue is at the approach, however you will not listen it till 01:30 when the individual at the telephone finds that the Relic calls for explicit garage stipulations and recommends Yorinobu learn the documentation.

Within the visible layer, scan Yorinobu’s datapad whilst it is grew to become on 

T-Malicious program activates you to search for the Relic paperwork, so open up the visible layer. Pace ahead to 02:44 and head over to Yorinobu’s bed room. He is leaning at the mattress with the datapad in hand able so that you can scan. You be told that the Relic is in a thermal case as it must be saved in chilly stipulations.

Whilst within the visible layer, rewind to 02:38 and scan the article on the finish of Yorinobu’s mattress. On a cupboard you’ll be able to discover a loaded gun. Take into account this when you’re taking at the Heist project as you’ll be able to surely need to seize this Iconic merchandise.

Scan for thermal clues to seek out the Relic

Toggle the thermal layer, and place your self subsequent to Evelyn at 02:38. You must be on the nook of Yorinobu’s bed room having a look in. At the proper wall, prime up is a vent. At 02:42 you’ll see the chilly air break out from the unit. Scan this and T-Malicious program will assist you to know that the temperature fits the ideas within the paperwork, however it is not likely the biochip is in there. Rewind to 02:02 and scan the Champagne and ice bucket at the desk in the course of the principle room (on the subject of Evelyn and Yorinobu). At 00:57 you’ll scan the refrigerator Evelyn’s status subsequent to get rid of that risk. In the end, scrub again to 00:41 within the thermal layer to seek out the hidden secure within the left nook of the principle room.

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Not obligatory: Scan the rental’s safety methods

Now transfer to the visible layer and rewind again to the primary clue (display as a bar at the timeline). Rewind to 00:19 and pause. You’ll be able to now scan the movement sensor digital camera at the wall, on the subject of the doorway. You’ll be able to additionally scan the alarm gadget, which is positioned beneath, at the wall to the fitting of the digital camera.

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