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In Cyberpunk 2077 there is at all times one thing to spend your hard-earned Eddies on, whether or not its a brand new outfit or new guns. However, as an alternative of earning profits the nice old school approach by way of taking up some gigs out of your native Fixers, you’ll be able to earn limitless cash and crafting XP the usage of the process beneath.

Because of Osterberg501 for offering knowledge in this exploit.

Learn how to Earn Limitless Cash and Crafting XP

In case you are having a look to make some simple cash, glance no additional than the handfuls of merchandising machines scattered round Evening Town. In particular, you will want to in finding the machines promoting pieces for 10 Eddies every (no longer the $5 pieces)

As soon as you will have situated this kind of merchandising machines, acquire all of the pieces to be had till they’re offered out.

Select up all of the pieces you bought from the bottom and upload them on your stock.

Now, open your stock and in finding the pieces you simply bought. At this level, you wish to have to dismantle they all to procure commonplace and unusual crafting fabrics.

Unlocking the Mechanic crafting perk provides you with extra crafting fabrics from disassembling pieces. It is advisable that you simply spend considered one of your perk issues in this to maximise your benefit.

Subsequent, head on your Crafting menu and craft as many unusual (inexperienced) guns as you’ll be able to with the assets you acquired. You’ll be able to achieve crafting XP for every weapon crafted, which provides up in no time and can be used to realize limitless crafting XP.


Search for pieces that promote for up to imaginable. You’ll view the sale value of every merchandise by way of soaring over it prior to crafting it.

Finally, head to a dealer or drop station to promote your newly crafted guns for a hefty benefit.

The usage of the Nekomata rifle within the picture above for example, we have been in a position to make $78 Eddies for every one (because it price $100 Eddies for 10 cans of soda that have been used for crafting fabrics). In case you are buying as many cans as imaginable across the town and promoting dozens of guns that is a surprisingly fast and simple solution to make limitless cash as you discover Evening Town.

Then again, if you are a stand-up citizen of Evening Town and wish to earn cash by way of taking up jobs and promoting junk like everybody else, take a look at our information beneath:

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