GTA Online’s biggest heist has you robbing the Fyre Festival in a submarine

For those who’re going to scouse borrow stuff, it will as neatly be from a big-time drug trafficker who spends his off-duty hours establishing vacuous seashore dance events, proper? That’s what you’ll be doing in The Cayo Perico Heist, the biggest-ever Grand Robbery Auto On-line journey that’s due out December 15. A brand new trailer is out lately that displays off one of the most sheer scale of this new caper.

The backdrop for the multiplayer sport’s heist is in fact the island of Cayo Perico itself, which is house to El Rubio – a global-scale narcotics trafficker with ties to the Madrazo circle of relatives. El Rubio additionally loves to throw Fyre Pageant taste dance events, flying in jet setters and influencers from around the globe to groove to song by means of gifted musicians and DJs.

In contrast to the Fyre Pageant, then again, El Rubio in fact has the funds to make this paintings, and that’s what you’ll be after on this journey. There’s an “untold fortunet in artwork, gold, and drug cash scattered around the island”, Rockstar says, and it’s secure by means of closely armed guards and complicated safety programs.

Right here’s the trailer:

Thankfully, a high-profile rating like this calls for the most important and baddest in heist generation, and at your disposal is a real submarine supplied with torpedoes and surface-to-air guided missiles, the easier to knock pesky helicopters out of the sky.

You’ll have the ability to play The Cayo Perico Heist when it launches December 15.

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