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It is a grime highway that roughly seems like a Roman numeral. Within the doldrums of the Grand Robbery Auto hype cycle, that on my own is sufficient to get thinking about. Listed below are the fundamentals: Rockstar launched a generally cryptic teaser for its subsequent batch of GTA On-line

content material. In it, the ever-elusive corporate published that the impending enlargement will upload a brand new landmass to the present Los Santos map, in all probability within the shape of a few offshore island. All through that teaser, the coordinates “38.527,-79.6129” in brief seem on display. Unload the ones numbers into Google Medical doctors, and you can see Heart Mountain Path, proper at the shaggy border between Virginia and West Virginia. Zoom out, and take all of it in. There is a hairpin flip that, when seen at an exact perspective, turns out to shape a “V” after which an “I.” V. I. VI.


Grand Robbery Auto is a chain stuffed to the brim with innumerable easter eggs, conspiracies, and concrete legends. However this, a possible GTA 6 announcement showed thru literal geography, turns out like essentially the most brazen through some distance.

Prior to we dive into all that, we want to quilt some caveats. Would Rockstar in reality announce one thing as huge as a brand new Grand Robbery Auto sport thru an arcane scavenger hunt deployed in a trailer for a seven-year-old sport? It is extraordinarily not going that the cosmopolitan franchise is headed to agrarian Appalachia, anyway. So why would the corporate make a selection a random Virginia township to drop a touch? Is that this only a gigantic twist of fate? Had been the ones coordinates added at entire random through some video editor as some further taste, just for the determined wishful pondering of the GTA fandom l to fill within the gaps?

Possibly it’s intentional, as Rockstar hardly ever does issues by chance, and it way exactly not anything.

Or perhaps it’s intentional, as Rockstar hardly ever does issues by chance, and it way exactly not anything. At this day and age, the advance of GTA 6 is a badly saved secret. Possibly Rockstar simply sought after to clutter with its enthusiasts.

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None of that issues. With out concrete information to depend on, Grand Robbery Auto diehards have discovered to paintings with scraps, and at the subreddit r/GTA6, the denizens had been piecing in combination the puzzle for days. “The VI is just too evident, because the ‘V’ is distinctly other from the very instantly ‘I,'” writes one person. “Upon a look, that indisputably says six in Roman numerals, it’s too cheeky to be a twist of fate.”

“They are no longer going to spoon-feed us. I might say this was once the primary signal of 6. It is not a twist of fate in any respect,” provides some other.

The dialogue is going on and on. One thread at the subreddit is already extolling the virtues of a possible rural Virginian environment for a hallowed franchise that has so far serious about one of the most maximum iconic, densely populated towns in The us. “The Southern parts [of a hypothetical GTA 6 map] may have a Louisiana vibe,” explains the writer, who says he’d want his hypothetical Ozarkian Grand Robbery Auto to be a prequel to GTA: San Andreas, and practice the adventures of CJ’s father. “There is usually a project to take a teach from Motor Town to Vice Town and also you protect it from Dukes Of Hazzard KKK varieties.”

“Oh yeah, and there shall be Nixon. You gotta meet Nixon and do ‘particular jobs’ for him,” they upload.

In other places, you’ll to find GTA lifers spamming the lyrics from John Denver’s West Virginian vintage, “Take Me House, Nation Roads.” One enterprising grifter even claimed to have cracked the code. He wrote effusively about how, underneath research, the coordinates in fact level to Medellin, Columbia, the place Pablo Escobar thrived throughout the ’70s and ’80s. The directors of the subreddit briefly swept in to right kind the file. That poster was once the usage of a doctored screenshot supplied with coordinates that pointed to their splendid environment for a long term Grand Robbery Auto, like weaponized wishful pondering. “After declaring the flaw, the OP mentioned they have been dylxlexic,” says one member of the mod crew, in an interview with IGN.” Simply some other day of continual disinformation within the rumor mill.

That moderator, smartly versed within the theories of the subreddits regulars, says they don’t seem to be certain what to consider concerning the obvious easter egg. In the beginning, they believed that the dusty backwoods of the agricultural mid-Atlantic was once some distance too inauspicious to function the house for an professional GTA 6 tease. It was once too random, too small, too bizarre. However after occupied with it some extra, the mod remembered that they have been coping with Rockstar, traditionally one of the unpredictable studios within the trade.

“The studio might be trolling us. The fanbase over-analyzes the whole lot, It is not onerous for them to sneak the ones coordinates right into a trailer and be confident that they will be discovered.”

“They have finished such things as this previously,” they are saying, taking into consideration what number of extraterrestrial beings and UFOs are already hidden round Los Santos. “The studio might be trolling us. The fanbase over-analyzes the whole lot, It is not onerous for them to sneak the ones coordinates right into a trailer and be confident that they will be discovered.”

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Every other widespread poster is a skeptic. He is stared at that alleged “VI” hard and long, and hasn’t been ready to look what everybody else is seeing. “It appears extra like a reversed N or Z,” he says, in an interview with IGN. “The coordinates possibly have one thing to do with the impending GTA On-line DLC, which is disappointing, however anticipated.”

That mentioned, even essentially the most ardent GTA doubters can not assist however theorize at the aspect. The poster does have their very own puppy concept. One day, he explains, perhaps Rockstar will make a go back and forth out to these coordinates to emboss a definitive, unambiguous Grand Robbery Auto insignia for all to look. “Most likely they’re in cahoots with Google Maps and can request a satellite tv for pc symbol replace after they have got modified the roads on this house,” he explains. “Which might be a in reality neat tease for GTA VI.”

All of this avoids the possibly state of affairs — that Rockstar simply sought after to have a bit of amusing, and the eventual announcement of the following Grand Robbery Auto will materialize in a a lot more standard means. My bet is that within the coming years, you’re going to get up, take hold of your telephone, and discover a 90-second announcement trailer already bouncing thru your timeline. The entire recollections of the Heart Mountain Path will fade into reminiscence, as the sector will get the primary glimpse of the sport they have got been looking forward to. However Grand Robbery Auto zealots are used to those wild goose chases. There may be nonetheless a colourful neighborhood devoted to unraveling the mysteries that grip Mount Chilliad in Grand Robbery Auto V. (For that subject, we by no means did to find BigFoot in San Andreas.) The ones legends, the clues and gestures that teeter between delusion and fact, are what makes the GTA franchise so inscrutable. For as irritating because the misdirection could be, the folks on r/GTA6 reside for these things.

“The enthusiasts love Rockstar’s video games and need the whole lot out of them, however the corporate makes this tough to do as they put such a lot element and small mysteries that evolve over the years,” says the widespread poster. “I believe they learned that folks in reality preferred them as early as GTA Vice Town, the place there have been conspiracies of Scarface showing someplace in that sport. Rockstar went complete blast [with their crypticness] for the previous couple of video games. With how fashionable they’re, it ends up in extra outspoken theorizing communities, when others are extra reserved.”

The mod has the same opinion. They inform me that this Virginia diversion will pass down as simply some other a part of the lore. With only a handful of Google Map coordinates, Rockstar is able to environment their loyalists on hearth. “It’s going to be a amusing factor to appear again on in 10 years or so,” they are saying. Through then, the subreddit may have most likely moved directly to the following city legend.

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