Ghost of Tsushima Adds Amazing God of War, Horizon, Shadow of the Colossus, Bloodborne Armour to Legends Multiplayer

Simply in time for the vacations, Ghost of Tsushima is attractive gamers with some very good having a look armour units according to a few of PlayStation’s most well liked homes. There are 4 new outfits to liberate within the sport’s Legends multiplayer mode — one for each and every personality elegance.

We have were given God of Warfare armour for the Samurai position, Horizon 0 Crack of dawn armour for the Hunter, Shadow of the Colossus armour for the Murderer, and Bloodborne armour for the Ronin. You’ll be able to liberate each and every set via finishing any tale or survival undertaking with the corresponding personality elegance.

Remember, on the other hand, that those armour units will best be up for grabs till the fifteenth January, 2021.

Which is your favorite outfit? Go back to the sphere of combat within the feedback phase underneath.

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