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Numerous One Punch Guy themed contents has been leaked this previous few weeks for Garena Unfastened Hearth. This time, 3 bundles were discovered within the recreation’s knowledge information. Those containing pores and skin bundles for the preferred characters within the anime: Genos, and Saitama. 

Unfastened Hearth x One Punch Guy Pores and skin Bundles Leaked

The emergence of the stated pores and skin package leak began when FF Dataminer shared a picture of 3 skins reminiscent of Genos, Saitama in his superhero dress, and Saitama in his pajamas. The 3 new pores and skin bundles had been launched within the complex server for Unfastened Hearth at the side of the 2 One Punch Guy themed weapons. 

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The primary one is the Genos Package. The package incorporates cosmetics that adjustments your persona’s look into the Personality, Genos. The design options steel hands and a blouse that has sparkling lighting within the chest house. The outside package rocks the blonde coiffure that Genos has. It’s a super reproduction of Genos from the anime. The outside package will paintings neatly with the M4A1-Genos gun that also is a part of the collaboration match.

The second one pores and skin package is the Saitama Pajama Package. This package incorporates cosmetics that adjustments your persona’s look into Saitama, the bald superhero of the anime, dressed in pajamas. The package includes a glossy bald coiffure and Saitama’s iconic pajamas, observed within the anime. 

The 3rd pores and skin package is the Caped Baldy Package. The title is a connection with what different superheroes name Saitama within the anime, the “Caped Baldy,” as a shaggy dog story. 

The outside package options Saitama’s signature dress. A white cape, yellow go well with, pink gloves and boots, and the enduring bald coiffure. This package is a superb fit with the One Punch Guy M1887 shotgun that also is content material for the collaboration match. 

In keeping with FF Dataminer, the leaks have printed the Gloo Wall, two new gun variants, and the 3 new pores and skin bundles. Garena has but to announce this collaboration formally. Fanatics have speculated that the collaboration match will begin after the Operation Chrono occasions have ended.

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What’s One Punch Guy?

One-Punch Guy is a Eastern superhero anime franchise created by means of the artist ONE. It tells the tale of Saitama, who went bald after intense coaching to be the most powerful. He’s a superhero who can defeat any opponent with a unmarried punch however seeks to discover a worthy foe after rising bored by means of a loss of problem because of his overwhelming energy.

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