Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers – Matoya’s Relict guide

You don’t have any concept how glad I’m to peer Matoya come again in Ultimate Fable XIV: Shadowbringers. The crotchety previous Archon is definitely one among my favourite characters within the recreation, and that’s announcing one thing. Now not best that, however this new Shadowbringers dungeon in patch 5.4 is closely related to her — it’s Matoya’s Relict, her previous workshop.

This dungeon most commonly jogs my memory of Dohn Mheg with regards to fairly bizarre enemies, some unorthodox mechanics, and a few superb technicolor visuals. There’s now not a lot to write down house about with regards to the trash pulls, apart from that one pull close to a treasure chest would possibly catch folks speeding forward by means of marvel, and a few of them hit strangely laborious. However that apart, it’s the standard stuff.

Issues get extra advanced once we get to the bosses, particularly the second. And that’s the actual explanation why you’re right here, isn’t it? So let’s get into it, and speak about carry down the bosses and reclaim Matoya’s Relict.


Arduous Rock – Tankbuster.
Stone Age – Unavoidable room-wide AoE.
Petrified Peat – Creates 4 earthen zones across the area and drops a dust ball into every. The zones inflict harm for those who stand in them.
Peat Pelt – Tethers one of the most dust balls to every participant, and “turns on drainage gadget” at 4 corners of the sector. The balls will shoot around the period of the tether, destructive any avid gamers of their trail, ahead of falling into the drainage techniques.
Brittle Breccia – Increasing 3/4 circle AoE that covers above part of the sector in entrance of Mudman. To steer clear of both transfer at the back of or a long way clear of Mudman, or watch for the primary section to hit after which transfer into that area.
Falling Rock – A stack AoE that does top harm.


The primary boss of Matoya’s Relict, Mudman, is a sexy easy boss. The one assault right here that would possibly catch you off guard is Petrified Peat/Peat Pelt. Every ball will roll directly in opposition to no matter participant they’re tethered to, doing harm to someone in its trail, and you wish to have the balls to finally end up within the drainage gadget. The simple answer, then, is for everybody to face at one of the most 4 drainage techniques.

However on next casts, two of the drains are blocked. Have two birthday celebration participants cross to every last drain and stand just a little approach aside from every different so the balls don’t hit either one of them. It’s now not too finicky, and it’s best actually an issue if any individual panics and also you finish up with 3 folks at one drain.

That apart, that is — as famous — a sexy easy combat. Mitigate for Arduous Rock, heal via Stone Age, and steer clear of Brittle Breccia in whichever approach you need. Falling Rock hits laborious, so everybody needs to stack for that, however for those who’ve made it this a long way into the sport, then none of this will have to be a marvel.



Crash-smash – Tankbuster, type of. The tank is focused with icicles situated on the cardinal issues. Everybody else wishes to face clear of the ones tethers.
Bathe Energy – 3 of the 4 openings to the facet of the sector will glow blue. After a brief duration, they’ll jet out water. Stand within the trail of the person who’s now not lit up.
Pitter-patter – Nixie retreats to a cloud within the sky and summons 5 Unfinished Nixies.
Singin’ within the Rain – A channeled spell solid by means of the Unfinished Nixies that reasons water spouts to seem across the area. Strolling into such a launches you into the sky and inflicts harm while you land at the floor.
Sea Shanty – Forged after Singin’ within the Rain finishes casting, or when all Unfinished Nixies are slain. This may occasionally inflict 9999999 harm on everybody at floor degree within the area, wiping the birthday celebration.
Sputter – Unavoidable focused AoEs. Unfold out from every different to steer clear of overlap. Typically solid along every other talent.
Splish-splash – Nixie’s model of Singin’ within the Rain. Water spouts seem across the area and inflict harm and release someone who steps into them.


Nixie, the second one boss of Matoya’s Relict, would possibly in reality purpose a wipe if persons are not sure of the only primary trick. Most commonly, you simply want to dodge numerous AoEs, and because the combat continues, they get extra intense. In the beginning you’re presented to the elemental mechanics of “steer clear of the massive water spouts on the facet” and “don’t get hit by means of the tethered icicles,” however later those are mixed with Sputter and Splish-splash to make issues a tad more difficult to dodge.

The only probably tough bit this is when Pitter-patter is solid, as a result of for those who keep in mind the Landsblood casts from Aenc Thon and the Lord of the Lingering Gaze again in Dohn Mheg, you’ll suppose you want to steer clear of them. That isn’t what you do right here. You wish to have to get hit by means of a spout that’s with reference to the cloud Nixie is lurking on, and it’ll release you up there. Kill off the Unfinished Nixies up there and also you’ll stay at the cloud when Sea Shanty is solid, combating the birthday celebration from wiping.

After that, rinse and repeat however with out Pitter-patter, and with further AoEs. In case you continue to exist Pitter-patter, you’ll have this simply tremendous.

Mom Porxie


Minced Meat – Tankbuster.
Gentle Loin – Very destructive unavoidable room-wide AoE.
Open Flame – Unavoidable focused AoEs on all avid gamers. Unfold out to steer clear of overlap.
Huff and Puff – Mom Porxie strikes to at least one facet of the sector and starts casting a knockback, and an especially destructive AoE that can hit the whole thing however one small spot within the area. Stand subsequent to her in order that the knockback sends you into the secure spot.
Meat Mallet – Mom Porxie slams down onto one facet of the sector. Transfer to the other facet of the sector to mitigate harm.
Barbecue – A harmful zone seems in entrance of Mom Porxie, and she or he starts sucking avid gamers in opposition to her. In the meantime, line and round AoEs rain down at the area. Stay working clear of her whilst dodging the AoEs to steer clear of massive quantities of wear and tear and possible loss of life.
Mom Porxie’s Magic – Now not a spell, in line with say, however Mom Porxie will jump into the air and start casting Huff and Puff whilst an Aeolian Cave Sprite will spawn. Kill this to release your self into the air. You’ll see the place Mom Porxie is casting Huff and Puff, and will place your self accordingly to steer clear of the huge AoE.


Many of the ultimate combat of Matoya’s Relict is the standard “steer clear of AoEs,” however there are 3 talents that undergo citing in additional element. Huff and Puff is the primary. The knockback will principally ship you throughout part of the sector, so simply transfer proper subsequent to Mom Porxie to get knocked into the secure spot (assuming it at all times spawns within the heart, because it has for me). For what it’s price, I don’t suppose anti-knockback talents like Surecast will give protection to in contrast, however I could have simply mistimed it.

The second one is the variant of this, Mom Porxie’s Magic. That is precisely the similar as Huff and Puff, apart from that till the Aeolian Cave Sprite is useless, you’ll’t in reality see the place she is and thus the place the knockback is coming from. You’ll be dodging line AoEs whilst killing that, however you’ve were given a lot of time to do it.

The 3rd talent of observe is Barbecue, and that is each amusing and just a little panic-inducing. The necessary factor this is to stay working away; you actually don’t wish to get stuck in the true Barbecue zone itself, which I think is assured loss of life. Taking an AoE or two isn’t the tip of the sector (even supposing your healer will hate you, and their best method to heal will likely be to both use immediate talents or Swiftcast). In case you’re the healer, it could be price popping regen results on folks ahead of the solid simply to be secure, however don’t sacrifice your self to heal or elevate folks right through this. In case you’ve were given OGCD or instants then you’ll believe it, however take note you’ll flip to stand them right through this and that implies you’re now not working away. Truthfully, I’d counsel now not therapeutic. Simply continue to exist.

With Mom Porxie down, this Ultimate Fable XIV dungeon is whole, and Matoya’s Relict is reclaimed. Grasp Matoya would possibly also have a couple of sort phrases so that you can cross together with the inevitable snark.

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