Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers guide — Eden’s Promise: Umbra

We’re in the end right here. Patch 5.4 brings with it the end result of Ultimate Fable XIV: Shadowbringers‘ Eden raid sequence. Those 4 battles will take a look at your mettle, your brains, and your reminiscence, so it’s a excellent factor I’m right here to supply up lend a hand, eh? First issues first, an Eden’s Promise: Umbra information.

The primary fight of Eden’s Promise — which is the grand title of this ultimate segment of the raid — is towards a foe chances are you’ll no longer have anticipated to peer once more. Eden’s Promise: Umbra has you face off towards the Cloud of Darkness as soon as once more, however in contrast to the Global of Darkness fight the place she used to be the enormous inexperienced face from Ultimate Fable III, she’s in her Dissidia sort right here. She additionally has an array of latest tips. And thorns. And disappearing platforms. Excellent success.


The quick model

“Dodge the entire AoEs” isn’t very useful, is it? So, ok. You’ll more or less divide this battle into 3 stages: the start segment, the grid segment, and the thorns segment. After that, the 3 stages loop with further mechanics.

At first segment, simply dodge the AoEs and stand within the meteor towers on next loops. Usual Ultimate Fable XIV fare. The one person who’ll catch you out this is Artwork of Darkness: the facet it’ll hit is most effective telegraphed via the sparkling ball subsequent to Cloud of Darkness (which is technically the top of certainly one of her tentacles). Don’t stand at the similar facet of the world as that ball.

Within the grid segment, on every occasion the sq. you’re on will get a red border round it, transfer to a brand new sq.. You continue to wish to be careful for AoEs, regardless that. On 2d loops thru this segment, watch out for the Summon spell: this’ll render two facets of the world bad to face on, and Anti-air Particle Beam way the middle squares also are relatively bad. Likewise, remember to kill the Hypercharged Clouds once they seem. Whilst you’ll be able to live to tell the tale Cloud of Darkness getting a injury build up, it’s as avoidable as it’s ugly.

The thorns segment is most probably the nastiest of the lot. First, don’t stand within the large thorn trees, but when you want to be informed that I’m no longer positive how you were given this a ways. 2d, run clear of the tethers to damage them. When Vast-angle Phaser is solid, transfer to the facet Cloud of Darkness is ready to jump to so as to keep away from it. As for Rejuvenating Balm, stand between Cloud of Darkness and a thorn bush which isn’t at the facets of the forged, as as regards to the thorn bush as conceivable, to keep away from it. Later, she’ll mix this with Artwork of Darkness. There’s a transient time frame between the Artwork of Darkness solid and the Rejuvenating Balm AoEs going off, however there must be a tiny little bit of secure area between either one of them. Be aware that Artwork of Darkness hitting you is most probably an fast kill, regardless that: the knockback will both ship you off the world, right into a thorn bush, or into the AoE.

Starting segment/All over the battle

The massive glowy ball simply to the left of the boss signifies that Artwork of Darkness goes to hit all of the left facet of the world. As such, we abruptly wish to transfer to the opposite facet. Chances are you’ll need to flip off extraneous spell results to make this more uncomplicated to peer, if you happen to haven’t carried out that already.

Flooring-razing Particle Beam – Unavoidable raid-wide injury.
The Artwork of Darkness – A sparkling ball (neatly, sparkling tentacle) will seem to both the left or proper of Cloud of Darkness. When the forged finishes, whichever part of the world the ball is on shall be hit with an unmarked AoE. Be at the reverse facet of the ball to keep away from. Additionally reasons knockback, which shall be vital to keep in mind later.
Vast-angle Particle Beam – Conal AoE that goals one facet of the world.
0-form Particle Beam – Tankbuster within the type of a line AoE. The focused tank shouldn’t be status subsequent to the remainder of the celebration. Mitigate as wanted.
Empty Aircraft – Unavoidable raid-wide injury, and a transition to the grid segment.

Grid segment

As soon as the red border seems round a sq., you’ve were given a handful of seconds to get off it prior to plummeting for your demise.

Flood of Vacancy – The squares on the corners of the world and the sq. below the Cloud of Darkness are marked with AoEs. Those on the corners shall be destroyed with this solid and somebody status on them will fall to their demise. In the meantime, the only below her will turn out to be a injury zone all the way through the segment. Don’t stand at the glowy tiles, principally. Usual stuff.
Flood of Vacancy after-effects – No longer a separate solid, however wishes a separate dialogue. As soon as the Flood of Vacancy solid finishes, all raid contributors are bothered with Cloying Condensation that stops them from leaping. Additionally, all “squares” at the grid will remove darkness from as gamers stand on them. After round six seconds of status on a sq., it is going to be surrounded with a red border. Kind of six seconds later, the sq. will vanish if you happen to’re nonetheless status on it, and the participant(s) status on it is going to fall to their demise(s). In brief: don’t stand on a sq. for lengthy. Attempt to unfold out just a little so that you’re no longer overlapping on squares, and if you see the red border, transfer to a brand new tile. Squares most effective vanish if gamers are status on them, regardless that, and the timer resets whilst you transfer off them. You’ll safely transfer between simply two squares with out downside.
Difficult to understand Woods – Unavoidable raid-wide injury. Gets rid of Cloying Condensation, ends the grid segment, and strikes onto the thorns segment.

Thorns segment

Rejuvenating Balm has an overly small secure area, and take into account Cloud of Darkness will mix this with Artwork of Darkness, so one part of the world shall be unsafe. As such, you wish to have to be in entrance of the thorns to securely dodge that, to not the edges.

Flood of Obscurity – Huge knockback from Cloud of Darkness within the heart, and harmful AoE circles across the edges. Place your self as regards to the center, and take a look at to make sure you gained’t be driven into any of the AoEs. The ones AoEs will then grow to be steady thorn patches.
Thorn tether – No title right here, however in an instant after the former solid, each and every participant shall be tethered to a thorn patch. Run so far as you’ll be able to from it to damage the tether. For those who don’t you then’ll be pulled into it, in short surprised, and bothered with Stygian Tendrils which inflict large injury through the years.
Vast-angle Phaser – Cloud of Darkness will hurtle against one facet of the world, after which unharness an AoE that hits virtually all of the enviornment. The one secure spots are at the facet she’s on. Stand as as regards to the brink as you safely can, and clear of the central thorn patch on that facet.
Rejuvenating Balm – Cloud of Darkness tethers to 2 facets of the world (east and west, I imagine). When the forged finishes, two massive round AoEs will pop out of those facets. The one secure spots are the edges she didn’t tether to, and there’s just a very narrow house to keep away from those. Stand as shut as you’ll be able to to a thorn patch to keep away from — ideally at the facet nearest Cloud of Darkness. There’s just a very small “secure” house there, however on next loops thru this segment she’ll mix this with Artwork of Darkness, rendering one facet of the world totally unsafe.
Deluge of Darkness – Huge unavoidable raid-wide injury. Ends the thorns segment, and strikes again to the outlet segment. She’ll loop throughout the 3 stages once more, however with new tips in each and every.

2d loop

Particle Focus – Seems within the opening segment on next loops. 4 meteor towers seem. Have no less than one individual stand in each and every to keep away from raid-wide injury.
Hypercharged Condensation – Seems within the grid segment on next loops. Cloud of Darkness creates Hypercharged Clouds to the facet of the world that can slowly transfer towards her. They’ll give her a injury buff in the event that they succeed in her prior to you kill them, so DPS them down ASAP. One will get started transferring prior to the opposite, so goal that one first.
Summon – Seems within the grid segment on next loops. Reasons two Cloud of Darkness clones to seem at corners of the world, who will carry out a line AoE within the route they’re going through. Don’t stand on the ones squares.
Anti-air Particle Beam – Grid segment once more. This occurs in an instant after Summon: whilst the clones are charging up their line AoEs, Cloud of Darkness will solid this, which is a round AoE round her. This renders only a few squares within the enviornment secure.

Issues to keep in mind

For those who’ve learn this a ways you then’re most probably excellent, however the only factor to all the time remember is to control Cloud of Darkness. She has a large number of AoEs which are most effective quite telegraphed (taking a look at you, Artwork of Darkness) which you actually need to keep away from. And whilst I haven’t repeated the assault descriptions within the Assaults segment above, she’ll completely use a large number of her common assaults in next stages. However sure, completely take note of Artwork of Darkness. It’s very, really easy for that to head unobserved right through extra complicated stages, and it may possibly simply knock you into positive demise.

Breathe somewhat more uncomplicated on every occasion she loops again to the start segment, as a result of that’s lovely simply survivable. Likewise, the grid segment isn’t too unhealthy as soon as you understand you’ll be able to stand on a tile for round 10 seconds prior to it in reality collapses below you. However, take the red border as a caution to get off the sq. temporarily. As for the thorns segment? Spoil the tethers, and be ready for each Vast-angle Phaser and Rejuvenating Balm. For the latter, attempt to keep in mind that on next loops she’ll mix it with Artwork of Darkness, and that just about should be have shyed away from.

If you’ll be able to dodge the loads upon plenty of AoEs that Cloud of Darkness slings your means, you’ll have the ability to make her cross up in a gasp of smoke. With that, Eden’s Promise: Umbra is done, and you’ll be able to transfer onto the following.

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