Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers — Eden’s Promise: Litany guide

For Ultimate Delusion XIV: Shadowbringers‘ Eden’s Promise: Litany raid, it seems that that the sport has by accident crossed over with Bloodborne. Or perhaps Berserk or Hellsing, in case you fancy.

Both approach, the boss this time — the Shadowkeeper — is a huge, shadowy wolf with dozens of eyes, and a couple of mouths rising out of the aspect of its head. It’s a little bit bit freaky, and greater than a slightly paying homage to this kind of horror you’d be expecting from the ones franchises.

It’s additionally a combat that calls for some very fast pondering with regard to positioning, nevertheless it’s possibly no longer as unhealthy because it first appears to be like. It’s only a general nightmare to give an explanation for.

The quick model

There are mainly two assaults right here that require a lot clarification. One is Spawn Shadow: when 3 clones of Shadowkeeper seem, stay monitor of which one he’s tethered to. The tether will disappear, the clones will change puts like a shell recreation, after which you want to run and get at the back of the only the boss used to be tethered to with the intention to keep away from injury.

The opposite assault that calls for clarification is Shadow Implosion/Shadow Slash, and it is a entire ache to give an explanation for. In truth, I assumed Iconoclasm’s portals had been onerous to give an explanation for in textual content, however that is by some means worse. I’ve attempted to do it as highest I will in Assaults, under, however you kinda wish to see it in motion once or more to grasp.

Successfully, the assault will pop out of the Shadowkeeper within the middle of the world as commonplace. The course of the assault is in keeping with the place the shadow is, despite the fact that, and you’ll be able to utterly forget about the going through of the boss itself. The shadow is all the time going through in opposition to the middle of the world, and the assault will hit part of the world in keeping with that. If it’s a Ahead Shadow Implosion, it’ll hit the world reverse the shadow. If it’s a Backward Shadow Implosion, it’ll hit the world the shadow is in. However this will get a lot more complicated when a couple of shadows spawn, and whilst you get started throwing in Left and Proper Shadow Slashes within the sword segment.


Ahead/Backward Implosion – AoE that may hit the world in entrance of or at the back of the Shadowkeeper (ahead hitting entrance, backwards hitting at the back of).
Ahead/Backward Shadow Implosion – This is equal to the above, however with a twist that’s truly onerous to give an explanation for in textual content. In particular, a shadow will seem within the area, tethered to the Shadowkeeper. First: forget about the course the Shadowkeeper is if truth be told going through. It’s inappropriate.

One of the best ways to consider that is that the Shadowkeeper is if truth be told the place the shadow is, and it’s going through the “major frame.” Or that the Shadowkeeper’s again is to the shadow. Both of the ones will provide you with the correct thought. Right here’s a horrible MSPaint drawing to take a look at (and fail) to give an explanation for how the hell this works.

The orange bit is the wear zone and I’M VERY SORRY. THIS WON’T HELP ANYONE.

On this example, the Shadowkeeper is going through north. In a standard Ahead Implosion, the north finish of the world can be hit through the AoE. However as a result of we don’t want to concentrate on the place the Shadowkeeper is going through, and the shadow is to the north, that’s what you want to concentrate on. Ahead Shadow Implosion will if truth be told hit the south finish of the world and… that is just about unimaginable to give an explanation for till you if truth be told see it in motion. Additionally, afterward, two shadows will steadily spawn, rendering just one quarter of the world protected. Glance, I’ve religion you’ll get it whilst you see it in motion, and what a part of the world is hit relying on the place the shadow spawns.

Deepshadow Nova – Unavoidable raid-wide injury.
Spawn Shadow – The Shadowkeeper spawns 3 clones of itself across the area, and tethers to considered one of them. Observe in moderation which one this is.
Shadow Warrior – The tether will disappear and the clones will bounce across the area, swapping puts like in a shell recreation. After they prevent, right away run at the back of the person who the Shadowkeeper used to be tethered to: it’s going to hit the remainder of the world with an AoE.

Shadowy Eruption – In next casts, this may observe the Shadow Warrior AoE. The moment that AoE is going off, ground-targeted AoEs will seem beneath every participant. Transfer to keep away from injury.
Fade to Shadow – The Shadowkeeper will tether to 2 shadow swimming pools at corners of the world, which is able to quickly explode into AoEs that duvet many of the area. Run to one of the vital corners the shadows aren’t in to keep away from. On next casts, the Shadowkeeper will mix with with an Implosion that may hit one of the vital “protected” corners, so keep as regards to the boss till you realize which nook is if truth be told protected.
Through the best way, I’ve a sword now – No identify given for this assault (until you get hit through it, which I haven’t) however the Shadowkeeper will rear up on its hind legs and an AoE marker will seem round it. It’ll pull out a large sword and do huge AoE injury round it, marking the transition into its sword segment. Quite a few time to keep away from this.

Umbra Wreck – The Shadowkeeper will hit the tank 4 instances, with every hit lowering slashing resistance. That is all the time adopted through…
Shadow’s Edge – Line AoE tankbuster. I feel this routinely objectives the off-tank, but when no longer, the opposite tank will have to more than likely impress: the one that’s unexpectedly susceptible to slashes doesn’t truly need to get hit with a tankbuster.
Left/Proper Giga Slash – Similar to the Implosion assaults above, however this time it’ll duvet the world to the left or proper of the place the Shadowkeeper is going through.
Left/Proper Shadow Slash – Similar to the Shadow Implosion assaults above, however once more, left/proper as an alternative of ahead/backward. And sure, it’s simply as stunningly tricky to give an explanation for.
Voidgate – 3 meteor towers seem, which inflict minor bleed injury on any individual status in them. No less than two other folks wish to be in every one to forestall raid-wide injury.
Far away Scream (or “Oh no, the place’s my sword long past”) – I do know the identify for this one as it’s unavoidable, nevertheless it has no forged bar. That is signified through knockback markers showing across the Shadowkeeper, and marks the tip of the sword segment. Simply stand as regards to it so that you don’t get knocked into the loss of life pit on the fringe of the world.

Issues to bear in mind

Simply… simply check out to not let your mind explode over my horrible explanations of the way the Shadow assaults paintings. Critically, they’ll make extra sense when you’ve noticed them in motion a couple of instances. Practice the trail of the shell recreation assault (or run to the place everybody else is). Do a little very fast psychological positioning each time a Shadow assault occurs. That apart, you will have to be beautiful transparent to move with this.

And that’s it. Eden’s Promise: Litany is down, and also you’ve most effective were given two extra Eden raids to move — which we’ll even be protecting in our guides.

I’m truly no longer the one one getting Bloodborne vibes from this, am I?

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