Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Remastered Edition update launching ‘mid-to-late December’, patch notes shared

Updates scheduled for FINAL FANTASY CRYSTAL CHRONICLES Remastered Version – mid-to-late December

It is a understand relating to upcoming updates for “FINAL FANTASY CRYSTAL CHRONICLES Remastered Version” on PlayStation®4/Nintendo Transfer™/iOS/Android.

The next updates are deliberate:

All platforms

– Enhancements to the garage serve as.

– Enhancements to the facility of center of attention assaults for Lilty tribe guns; Laevateinn and Morning time.

– Timing changes being made to Computerized Timeout triggers when no enter is made in multiplayer mode.

– Solving a computer virus the place the participant’s caravan mechanically returns to the area the place you performed a dungeon in multiplayer mode. Moreover, solving a topic with the Crystal Chalice part when trapped in a particular space.

– Solving a topic the place a chairman’s HP gauge can not stay alongside of the rate at which it decreases.

– Solving a topic that happens when a visitor enters a foyer on the identical time the host leaves or is disconnected and upon returning to the foyer and finishing a dungeon, the unique host’s flags are overwritten to duplicate the visitor’s flags.

– Solving a topic the place controls would now not reply after chatting with Tiel Dahl inside of a construction in Alfitaria.

– Solving a computer virus in order that flags are reset if items that spawn a “?” part hotspot have stepped forward from their default state previous to attaining 12 months 5.

– Solving a computer virus the place synchronisation fails if a participant joins a dungeon during which myrrh drops can’t be amassed simply as a Boss is defeated.

– Solving a computer virus going on all the way through the boss struggle when taking part in multiplayer within the Daemon’s Court docket, the place the noticed is activated however does no longer hit monsters.

Different minor computer virus fixes

The next purposes can be up to date/adjusted.

All platforms

– Addition of a serve as permitting the individuals of a birthday celebration who’ve cleared a dungeon in combination to make a choice an alternative dungeon to play thru in combination on multiplayer mode.

– Adjustments to loot variety at the effects display in order that loot will now be randomly allotted if a spread isn’t made prior to the timer runs out.

– Addition of a “Go back to the International Map” possibility when defeated via a dungeon boss.

– Addition of a garage moogle in each and every the city.

Those updates are scheduled to be launched mid-to-late December. We can make a statement once a particular date and time is determined, so please stay your eyes peeled!

We say sorry for any inconvenience this may occasionally motive and thanks in your figuring out.

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