Everything you need to know about Paimon in Genshin Impact

Who’s the Genshin Have an effect on Paimon voice actor? Sooner than we get to that, a little of context: In Genshin Have an effect on, we take the function of the Traveler, a warrior from some other international that finally ends up separated from their brother or sister (relying on who we make a choice as a playable personality) and wandering misplaced and by myself in the course of the huge lands of Tevyat. 

Proper after our adventure starts we get presented to our cheerful and humorous significant other, little Paimon. However, who precisely is Paimon in Genshin Have an effect on, and why are they so essential? Here is the whole thing you wish to have to learn about your little helper.

Genshin Have an effect on Paimon: Voice actor, background, and the whole thing else you wish to have to understand

An obvious homage to Navi within the Zelda sequence, now not a lot is understood about Paimon. Born on June 1 of an undisclosed yr, Paimon loves meals, enjoys making up and is from time to time borderline impolite: They even referred to as Venti a “Tone-Deaf Bard”. Excluding that, this blonde-haired demon is slightly outgoing and, although she’s slightly grasping, her middle is in the correct position and she or he runs to help others and not using a second’s hesitation.

Paimon is the undisputed mascot of the Genshin Have an effect on emblem. Paimon is the social media profile account for the sport on Twitter, and is voiced within the sport through Aoi Koga in Jap, and Corina Boettger in English. 

Extra Genshin have an effect on builds

The lovers’ reception of the nature is lovely blended: Some love her inherent cuteness, however others in finding her bossy persona and them all the time speaking within the 3rd particular person. James, for example, thinks “Paimon is a shrill infant fairy, a persistently stupefied echo damn round in a porcelain doll, the humorous man your good friend is aware of whose concept of comedy is mild bullying however with wings and a voice pitched so top it in fact hurts to hear from time to time.” Ouch. Some even theorize that Paimon is if truth be told the villain of the sport, the Unknown God.

The loss of background for the nature and the truth that there’s no different being like her in all the sport makes numerous lovers really feel cautious of Paimon, and to be truthful, her habits will also be suspicious. Other folks characteristic their suspicions to a selected scenario in a quest the place she will get abruptly grasping a couple of magical robust sword and the truth that the Unknown God makes use of one way that actually resembles Paimon’s hairclip early within the sport. 

Ah sure, she additionally stocks her title with King Paimon, some of the many spirits of hell serving Lucifer in some myths. I don’t know what to let you know, I simply see a chain of unlucky coincidences. However hi there, I’ve been wrong up to now (I’m looking at you, Ethereal). 

However whether or not she’s a demonic overlord masquerading or if she’s only a bossy little fairy, for me she’s a gorgeous significant other and a just right good friend to tag alongside throughout our lengthy adventure, with witty banter between them and your protagonist. Both approach, Paimon’s right here to stick, for now.

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