Destiny 2’s new chainsaw sword reveals the secret identity of a familiar face

In Future 2: Past Gentle’s fresh “Misplaced Lament” Unique quest, Bungie printed a connection between two old-school Future characters: evil tech tycoon Clovis Bray and absent-minded Tower gunsmith Banshee-44.

After gamers finished the Deep Stone Crypt raid, Banshee-44 had a request. He sought after gamers to recreate a misplaced sword of his, serving to the forgetful gunsmith get better a few of his misplaced reminiscences. And on the finish of that quest, Banshee-44 and the Guardians discovered that the long-dead Clovis Bray have been reborn as the cute gunsmith years in the past.

So how can those two polar-opposite characters exist as the similar being? Some hidden Future 2 lore tells the tale.

Who’s Banshee-44?

Banshee-44’s reminiscence begins to stir.Symbol: Bungie by means of Polygon

In Future and Future 2, Banshee-44 sits in the back of his desk within the Tower and polishes quite a lot of guns. He was once the Armsday dealer within the unique sport and sells each guns and mods in Future 2.

Banshee-44 is an Exo, a robotic with the thoughts of a dwelling human uploaded into its awareness. Banshee-44 — and different notable Exos like Saint-14 and Cayde-6 — aren’t biologically human, however different characters deal with them as human beings as a result of they have got the thoughts and persona of anyone who used to exist. Banshee-44 is gruff (voiced by way of John DiMaggio, Gears of Warfare’s Marcus Fenix and Futurama’s Bender) however good-hearted.

With the exception of his kindly nature and scratchy persona, Banshee-44’s defining function is his forgetfulness. The 44 in his identify designates how again and again his program has noticed a reboot — significantly a lot upper than Saint’s 14 or Cayde’s six. Each and every reboot takes his reminiscence, and each and every reboot makes it tougher to recall even his non permanent studies.

Earlier than the “Misplaced Lament” quest, Banshee-44’s dangerous reminiscence have been performed for a couple of intestine punches in previous Unique quests. When Cayde-6 died by the hands of Uldren Sov in Future 2: Forsaken, Banshee-44 asked that gamers get better Cayde’s cherished hand cannon, Ace of Spades, from his assassin. Banshee-44 then helped the participant repair Ace, vowing to not overlook his good friend. However even now, Banshee sometimes asks drawing near Guardians in the event that they’ve noticed Cayde in recent times.

A 12 months in the past, and a 12 months after Cayde-6’s loss of life, Banshee-44 requested gamers to seek out Cayde-6 and ask him tips on how to in finding Banshee’s secret workshop so Guardians may just gain the Leviathan’s Breath bow — one thing Banshee had himself forgotten. Guardians then needed to in finding it for themselves, as no one sought after to look at Banshee-44 relive Cayde’s loss of life once more.

However with the “Misplaced Lament” quest, Bungie gave Banshee-44’s tragic reminiscence a goal.

Who’s Clovis Bray?

The one actual remnant of Clovis is his large AIImage: Bungie by means of Polygon

Not like Banshee-44, Clovis Bray was once an actual bastard.

Clovis, a human being, based the BrayTech company, which was once chargeable for creating a large number of applied sciences all through the Golden Age. Clovis’ maximum recognizable contributions come with the Warmind Rasputin and each Exo within the sport.

Clovis was once a genius, but in addition a monster. He experimented on his loss of life son, and on his a large number of grandchildren — two of which might be different well-known Future characters: Elsie Bray (the Exo Stranger) and Ana Bray.

Clovis created his ultimate analysis facility on Europa, the place Elsie joined him as his reluctant assistant. On Europa, Clovis investigated what he known as “Readability Keep watch over,” which gamers know higher because the Darkness. Via Readability Keep watch over’s affect, he used the Vex to create Exos.

Elsie and Clovis encountered a Vex invasion on Europa, which pressured them each to let their human our bodies die as they uploaded their awareness into Exos. Clovis let his granddaughter pass first, after all, to ensure the process labored correctly.

After the add, Clovis emerged in two portions. The primary was once the Clovis AI, which endured to run the Deep Stone Crypt the place Clovis ran his experiments. The second one was once Clovis-1, Clovis’ personalized Exo frame. And because of the continued Vex risk on Europa, the 2 by no means synced correctly, permitting Clovis-1 to perform independently.

How can Banshee-44 and Clovis Bray be the similar individual?

After “Misplaced Lament,” Banshee-44 realizes who he’s.Symbol: Bungie by means of Polygon

Throughout “Misplaced Lament,” gamers reactivate the Clovis AI and find out how Clovis-1 was Banshee-44.

The Lament sword belonged to Clovis-1 via Clovis-43. He, along the Exo Stranger, took on waves and waves of Vex on Europa, burning via them with The Lament. Throughout this fight, the Deep Stone Crypt rebooted Clovis 42 instances, and he earned the nickname “Banshee,” because of his ferocious combating taste.

After the fight, Clovis-43 labored with Elsie to close the Clovis AI off. As Clovis lived as an Exo, his new self discovered — via his courting with Elsie — how a lot harm Clovis Bray did as a person. Short of to spare Elsie from a courting with himself and hoping to show over a brand new leaf, Clovis-43 requested Elsie to reboot him once more, giving him a brand new existence and a brand new identify. She rebooted him as Banshee-44 — this time with out a recollection of his earlier self — the Exo we all know and love. However all of the reboots took their toll, and Banshee’s reminiscence would by no means totally get better.

After Guardians position The Lament again in his arms, he regains a few of his reminiscences, a minimum of quickly. His combating days in the back of him, he passes at the sword to the Guardians and vows to seek advice from the Clovis AI on Europa ahead of he may just overlook once more. After this dialog, the Clovis AI means that it will attempt to subjugate Banshee-44 and convey him again into the Clovis fold.

Banshee-44 represents the prospective nice in Clovis Bray, the genius with out the luggage. If the Clovis AI may just infiltrate the Banshee we all know, his persona might be overridden utterly and changed by way of the Clovis AI — returning him to the bottom type of Clovis that Banshee has been working clear of for 43 resets.

However he didn’t get the nickname Banshee for not anything, and he could have one nice combat left in him.

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