Destiny 2 — How to get Hawkmoon and all feathers

The Hawkmoon used to be certainly one of my favourite exotics in Future 1. Certainly, it used to be my go-to hand cannon whilst taking part in Crucible. Now, it makes its go back in Future 2: Past Mild. Right here’s our information that will help you in finding the Hawkmoon’s “feathers” and all of the steps to acquire the gun itself.

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Future 2: Past Mild — Find out how to get the Hawkmoon unique hand cannon

The Hawkmoon has an unique quest as a part of Future 2: Past Mild‘s Season of the Hunt. To begin it, merely discuss with the Spider within the Tangled Shore. From right here, you’ll be tasked with discovering a number of Hawkmoon feathers so as.

Discovering the Hawkmoon feathers

Feather #1: Tangled Shore

This one is simply on the front of Spider’s lair. It’s subsequent to the barricades/stumbling blocks on the front.

Feather #2: EDZ

Rapid go back and forth to the Sludge and try the ruined development additional in entrance and for your left. The Hawkmoon feather is on a walkway.

Feather #3: Cosmodrome

Merely rapid go back and forth to the Steppes zone. It’s appropriate above you on best of a pillar as you spawn.

Feather #4: Dreaming Town

Whenever you spawn in, make your means atop the hill that leads into the Blind Neatly. However, sooner than you even head inside of, glance for your left.

Feather #5: The Moon

The closing Hawkmoon feather you’ll want to in finding for this a part of the unique quest is deep inside the Shrine of Oryx. First, head to Archer’s Line and cross during the hab to the appropriate.

Practice the temple’s corridors while you’re inside of and make your means deep inside the bowels of the shrine.

This is identical pathway you took whilst you fought the Enthusiast Nightmare and whilst you did Future 2: Past Mild‘s Season of the Hunt starter undertaking.

Anyway, the Hawkmoon feather is all of the means on the finish inside of the standard boss chamber.

The remainder of the unique quest: Let Free Thy Talons

A brief undertaking

After grabbing all of the Hawkmoon feathers, discuss with the Crow within the Tangled Shore. You’ll want to entire a undertaking within the EDZ’s Sludge zone.

It’s a snappy one who has you fighting Taken within the Hallowed Grove misplaced sector.

Whilst you’re accomplished, select up Hawkmoon’s effigy and go back to the Crow.

Acquire or generate 50 orbs of energy

This one can also be accomplished anyplace, however I might counsel operating the Blind Neatly within the Dreaming Town. Every time you select up the ones Solidarity orbs, you’ll get your tremendous recharged briefly, permitting you to annihilate a couple of mobs.

Go back to the Crow after you’ve completed this section.

Oh, and when you picked up the hunt on a selected persona, you’ll be able to transfer to certainly one of your Future 2 alts. Simply head to the Tower and take hold of it from the kiosk subsequent to the Postmaster.

In my case, I were given this on my Titan first. However, this unique quest step (and some other one shortly) preferred Hunters. Orb era is unquestionably simple with a Nightstalker’s Tether.

Discovering extra Hawkmoon feathers

Anyway, the following function is to visit the Trostland within the EDZ. You’ll understand a marker right here for the next move within the unique quest for the Hawkmoon.

After interacting with the marker, head to the highest flooring of the ruined condominium. The pathway will sooner or later take you to a location in conjunction with the Reservoir zone.

As for the Hawkmoon feathers, you’ll want to find 5. Those are all marked to your HUD.

The 5th and ultimate one is located on the finish of all of the rooms and winding tunnels. You’ll be preventing a number of Taken right here together with a shielded knight. The purpose is to kill the sparkling Taken first. Then, select up the orbs that they drop. You’ll press right-click to throw those on the knight to wreck its protect.

The feather spawns right here as soon as the knight’s well being is low sufficient. Simply get rid of the rest hostiles, take hold of it, and go back to the Crow within the Tangled Shore.

Defeat Champions or Guardians

This step calls for you to get a complete of 200 kills, however there are two techniques of progressing:

  • Defeat Guardians in Crucible or Gambit – Each and every Mum or dad kill simplest nets you one % within the growth bar (200 kills in general), so it could take a little time. A speedier means of doing that is to play some Mayhem. For those who’re on a Hunter, simply transfer to Blade Barrage and use Shards of Galanor.
  • Defeat Champions – Each and every Champion you kill counts as 3%. It’s essential to run the Heroic issue of this week’s Dusk (Inverted Spire) to get more or less 40% in a single strive. If making a decision to do the Grasp issue (which does lend a hand internet you a pinnacle praise while you achieve a ranking of 100,000), the “Mob” modifier may be lively. This spawns extra Champions within the Dusk strike.

The Crow and the Hawk

The overall undertaking takes position within the EDZ’s Hallowed Grove the place you fought all of the Taken previous. The former mechanics the place you picked up orbs and threw them at shielded Taken will even follow.

Right here’s a video from YouTuber HurleyEffect:

The Hawkmoon’s perks

Hawkmoon in Future 2: Past Mild has those distinctive perks:

  • Paracausal Shot – Ultimate blows and precision hits with Hawkmoon grant stacks of Paracausal Fee. The overall spherical within the mag offers bonus harm in response to the collection of stacks. Stowing Hawkmoon at the ultimate spherical eliminates this bonus.
  • Transformative – Long term drops of this weapon may have random rolls.

In my opinion, I’m a bit bit underwhelmed. Consider that during Future 1, the Hawkmoon had “Success within the Chamber” and “Conserving Aces”. With random bullets within the mag doing really extensive harm, a few of your photographs may simply one-shot or two-tap your foes, particularly when the perks proc for a similar bullet. However, that therefore were given fastened. The Future 2: Past Mild model, in the meantime, calls for you to get kills or precision hits first simply to get stacks of “Paracausal Shot.” Likewise, the wear and tear bonus simplest applies to the general spherical within the mag. Principally, it’s an amped-up model of the “Ultimate Spherical” perk.

I wasn’t too inspired by means of it. On the other hand, if it brings again that nostalgia and you’re feeling you’re just right with it, cross forward and feature some amusing within the Crucible. Don’t fail to remember that Iron Banner may be reside so you’ll be able to check it out. Finally, remember of the “Transformative” perk since long run drops would possibly internet you different rolls.

Right here’s a Crucible video from Future 2: Past Mild YouTuber IFrostbolt:

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