Destiny 2 Hawkmoon: How to get the exotic hand cannon

Questioning the place to seek out the Future 2 Hawkmoon feather places? After the Cosmodrome, any other Future legend has returned to the sport as a part of the Past Mild growth. The search is now reside and I have detailed the stairs underneath.

So let’s get began with the Because the Crow Flies Future 2 quest, so you’ll seize the glossy new unique.

Because the Crow Flies Future 2: Hawkmoon quest information

To start, merely head to the Tangled Shore and feature a talk with the Spider. From there you can want to monitor down 5 sparkling yellow ‘paracausal’ feathers. The places are indexed underneath.

Future 2 feather locationsFeather 1: Out of doors Spider’s lair

Feather #1 is in this… I dunno what it’s… unit. You actually can not omit it. (Symbol credit score: Bungie)

The primary feather is tremendous simple to seek out. Make your means out of the Spider’s lair and it is sat on best of a field close to the go out. (Simply previous the obstacles it’s a must to soar when you are heading inside of in most cases.) Seize it and head again to speak to the massive guy. 

Feather 2: Hallowed Grove Misplaced Sector

The proper construction overlooks the doorway to the Hallowed Grove.  (Symbol credit score: Bungie)

Subsequent it is time for a commute to the EDZ. You are on the lookout for the Hallowed Grove misplaced sector, which will also be discovered by way of heading directly forwards from The Sludge spawn level. The feather is within the construction that overlooks the doorway to the Misplaced Sector. Climb up and it is yours.

Feather 3: Close to Shaw Han

Spawn in and the feather is correct there in this pillar. Simply hop up and snag it. (Symbol credit score: Bungie)

Some other simple one. Head for the Cosmodrome and The Steppes spawn level (which is the only with Shaw Han, the unlovable new supplier with the Fortnite-looking face). The feather will also be discovered on best of the crumbled pillar right away in entrance of you and fairly to the precise.

Feather 4: The Dreaming Town

The fourth feather is tucked away in this ledge simply within the entryway to The Blind Neatly.  (Symbol credit score: Bungie)

Our subsequent vacation spot is the Dreaming Town. Make your technique to the doorway of the Blind Neatly. You do not want to cross very a ways inside of. The feather is positioned on a ledge to the left, simply previous the place the Taken and Scorn have a tendency to battle out of doors. Steer clear of them, swipe the feather, and ebook it out of there.

Feather 5: Moon catacombs

The 5th and ultimate feather is buried deep at the moon. Use the video connected above and you can to find it simply sufficient. (Symbol credit score: Bungie)

That is the one one that is slightly nerve-racking to seek out as a result of it is within the catacombs at the Moon. The world you are on the lookout for is the Shrine of Oryx, which is identical room used for the Enthusiast Nightmare Hunt boss battle. Land on the spawn level the place Eris Morn hangs out, swing a left towards Archer’s Line, after which use this video to get to the Shrine. As soon as there, the feather is tucked away to the aspect of the little central vestibule. 

Entire the Future 2 Cry from Past project

(Symbol credit score: Bungie)

Having returned to the Crow, you can now embark on a bit project within the EDZ, on the finish of which you can retrieve a part of the re-made weapon, which [spoiler] has been hewn from the similar subject matter as The Traveler. The project takes position within the spooky woodland from the OG Future 2 marketing campaign, and so unsurprisingly comes to losing a number of Taken. There’s a small leaping component, however it is not anything too taxing. Do not be disturbed about bringing pals to lend a hand, as the entire thing actually is discreet sufficient. 

With that finished, it is grind time as it’s a must to chalk off some activity-based targets. Beginning with: 

Generate 50 orbs

You’ll be able to do that on the other hand you would like, however I might suggest operating 3 masterworked guns and a subclass which has an excellent designed to transparent plenty of enemies. Merely head towards your favorite misplaced sector (I like to recommend The Orrery on Nessus) and cross ham. I slapped at the Trinity Ghoul bow, with unique catalyst, and it simplest took two runs.

As soon as you are finished, it will be time for any other commute to Crow who’ll rap with you about his goals once more. Time for any other commute to the EDZ. This time: Trostland.

Commune with the Traveler

Glance, I do not wish to name it a date, however when we hit the EDZ The Crow takes us on a mystical thriller excursion of the dilapidated dam he is been calling house since his resurrection. Alongside the best way you can want to acquire any other 5 feathers, however they are extremely simple to identify—in truth they are if truth be told marked in your HUD in the similar means that planetary assets are.

There also are some extra Taken to fend off, however once more no nice drama. The general feather is located by way of the boss, who has a defend which must be introduced down the use of orbs dropped by way of defeated trash mobs. Simply select up the orbs and throw them on the boss. We are nearly finished now, so head again to the Crow for debriefing. 

Defeat Champions or Guardians in Crucible/Gambit 

It is broker’s selection for a way you need to grind the general step out. You’ll be able to both cross into Gambit or Crucible and kill different gamers or kill Champions in PvE. In step with the mathletes on Reddit, Crucible is 0.5% according to kill, while Gambit will grant 2.5% (as a result of kills are much less common). Should you choose the Champion course, each and every one counts for three%, so you’ll simply cross into mythical misplaced sectors and farm them in case you choose. Or run Nightfalls and Empire Hunts.

Entire the Future 2 The Crow and The Hawk project

Time for one ultimate commute to the EDZ. As soon as once more we commence by way of The Sludge spawn level, with the project beginning across the Hallowed Grove misplaced sector. Be warned you can want to do a little more difficult leaping this time, while monitoring down extra of the ones pesky feathers. Knock it out, kill a number of Taken on the finish, and Hawkmoon is in any case yours to stay.

Future 2 Hawkmoon: What’s it?

Hawkmoon is a kinetic 140RPM unique hand cannon, which is getting back from Future 1. As with every exotics introduced again from the unique sport, Bungie has given it a considerable transform. It is signature perk is now referred to as Paracausal Shot, and reads: “Ultimate blows and precision hits with Hawkmoon grant stacks of Paracausal Fee. The general spherical within the mag offers bonus harm in line with the collection of stacks. Stowing Hawkmoon at the ultimate spherical gets rid of this bonus.” 

So necessarily you increase against one mega-bullet after which let rip. Apparently, Hawkmoon could also be the primary ever Future 2 unique which has some quantity of randomness to its perks. The general perk and grip will each alternate randomly (in keeping with a selected pool of chances) on next occasions the gun drops for you. You’ll be able to see the total unfold of perks over at

For the curious, again in Future 1, Hawkmoon was once all about randomness. It excelled in PvP thank you to 2 perks: Good fortune within the Chamber and Keeping Aces. Those added a complete of 3 particular bullets (one from Good fortune within the Chamber and two from Keeping Aces) to the mag that might do considerably extra harm.

This reworked what was once most often a four-shot hand cannon right into a two-shot hand cannon in PvP, giving Hawkmoon customers a razor sharp edge over their combatants—supplied success was once on their aspect. As promised, Bungie has retained a component of randomness with the weapon, however not applies RNG to the bullets, which some gamers had complained about, as was once very a lot their wont.

Tell us within the feedback what you are making of the remodeled model as soon as you have got it.

Can everybody get Hawkmoon in Future 2: Past Mild?

The search to get Hawkmoon in Future 2 has simply dropped, so the gun gave the impression as a part of Season of the Hunt as anticipated. This implies it is important to personal the Season Cross for season 12 to take part within the unique quest. 

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